1 Day Alice Springs Trip | West MacDonnell Ranges Tour

Departures are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the year and on Saturdays from June to September starting in March 2023.

Embark on an epic adventure from Alice Springs and uncover the wonders of the majestic West MacDonnell Ridge on a full-day tour! Your experienced guide will take you to attractions like Simpsons Gap, Ormiston Gorge, Ochre Pits, Standley Chasm, Ellery Creek, and Glen Helen.


  • Discover the enchanting West MacDonnell National Park, lovingly known as Tjoritja by its indigenous custodians, and embark on an unforgettable journey of exploration.
  • Explore the 80m high gorge known as Standley Chasm, traditionally called ‘Angkerle Atwatye.” Enjoy a refreshing swim at Ellery Creek Big Hole, one of Central Australia’s most significant and stunning swimming spots.
  • Experience the breathtaking beauty of the UNESCO-listed Ochre Pit mineral rockface, where vibrant clay hues still hold ancient traditions’ secrets.
  • Visitors can find relaxation and rejuvenation amidst the impressive walls of Ormiston Gorge, also known as ‘Kwartatuma’ in traditional terms.
  • Native wildlife, including the black-footed rock wallaby, can be observed in the Simpsons Gap region, also known as ‘Rungutjirpa.’

Pricing options

The tour with hostel dorm accommodation costs $125-175 AUD per person.
Age Restrictions: 18+.
If desired, assistance can be provided in arranging a private group tour. This option allows for the flexibility of exploring preferred sights at one’s own pace with their group. Contact our fantastic team of charters at charters@gltg.com.au for all the juicy details!
Private room upgrades? Enhance your stay with the ultimate luxury of a private double, twin, or single ensuite room, exclusively available through our esteemed business partner.
Availability is subject to booking at the time.

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The weather in Northern Territory is like a roller coaster ride, with rapid fluctuations and intense moments. Experience scorching temperatures exceeding 40+ degrees Celsius during the dry season, only to be pleasantly surprised by a dramatic drop in the evening. Prepare for your adventure by checking weather conditions and packing the perfect attire for your journey! In the event of rain or harsh weather, expect your tour to advance unless otherwise advised.

Day 1

On the first day, the itinerary includes visiting Alice Springs and the West MacDonnell Ranges


We begin our journey from Alice Springs and travel towards Standley Chasm, also known as ‘Angkerle Atwatye,’ a narrow gorge within the West MacDonnell ranges. Our primary focus is exploring the area’s natural beauty and observing native wildlife. We then proceed west towards Ellery Creek Bighole, known as ‘Udepata,’ where we can cool off and swim, surrounded by the steep red cliffs and sandy banks of Ellery Creek. Our next stop is Ormiston Gorge, where we can appreciate the impressive geological formations of the towering red walls. Finally, we visit Simpsons Gap, a stunning waterhole in the Tjoritja West MacDonnells region. This site is significant as a sacred space where various indigenous dreamtime trails and stories intersect. After a full day of experiencing some of Central Australia’s most famous natural landmarks, we return leisurely back towards Alice Springs, dropping you off at your accommodation for the evening so you can reflect on your adventures.

Lunch: 310 km driving distance, approximately 3-4 km walking distance.

Covid Safety Measures

Wildlife Tours is registered as a COVID Safe business and adheres to the guidelines set by Safe Work Australia and the ATEC COVID Ready badge program. Our procedures have been implemented to mitigate the risks of coronavirus for both our Tour Guides and our Guests, focusing on four key areas.

  • Ensure the proper management of staff and passenger well-being.
  • Whenever feasible, please practice physical distancing.
  • Improving hygiene and cleaning protocols.
  • Step into our vehicles and rest assured we’ve got you covered with our complimentary hand sanitizer and trendy disposable face masks.
  • Creating a workplace that is fully vaccinated.

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