Below are a collection of our most frequently asked questions that hopefully will cover your query. Should you have a question that is not answered here, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We also suggest you read the Booking Terms & Conditions page where we provide more details about our tours and Health & Safety requirements.

Do I need a sleeping bag?

You will definitely require a Sleeping Bag rated to -5C during our winter season. In summer it is advisable as not all nights are warm. All “Classic” Tours carry sleeping bags for our clients. You are welcome to provide your own.

I’ve heard the flies are bad in summer. Is this true?

In the warmer months there are quite a lot of flies around in Central Australia. A lot of people find these to be quite annoying. It is advisable that you bring along a fly net so these little guys don’t drive you crazy!

Can I charge my phone / camera?

Most of our campsite kitchens are fitted with a power board that the group can share to charge electronics, however due to the remote areas we travel in we cannot guarantee electricity and recommend bringing a power bank.

What clothes do I need?

In summer shorts and a shirt is all that is really needed. We would also recommend light weight long sleeve shirts and long (zip off) pants. Our temperatures can be excessive and this can impact fair skinned people. A jumper/pullover is recommended for the early morning if it happens to get a bit chilly. Swimwear is recommended as there will be swimming opportunities – don’t forget a towel! Also bring a broad brimmed hat (not a baseball cap), sunglasses and sunscreen.

Our winter days are generally mild and most of the time you can still wear shorts and a shirt during the day. However, the nights and early mornings can be very cold. You will need to bring warm clothes – long pants, a good jumper, wind breaker, a beanie, scarf, gloves and good woollen socks are recommended.

Regardless of the time of year that you are travelling you will need to bring a hat, preferably wide-brimmed.

What else do I need to bring?

Sunscreen, torch (preferably hands free head light), camera (plus spare fully charged batteries), mosquito repellent (summer), face fly net, towel, toiletries, any medication required, water bottle (1.5 litre is best). Fresh water supplies for refilling bottles will be available throughout the tour. If you have walking/trekking poles/sticks these can also be handy in some of the undulating terrain.

What will I be sleeping in?

This depends on the tour selected and the location of the tour. In Central Australia you will be sleeping in a swag under the brilliant stars of the Milky Way. Tents are available for those less adventurous. Our experienced guides will show you all you need to know to get one of the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had! The swag is extremely warm, comfortable and above all, safe.

Some locations you will be in a Tent with only your sleeping bag required and of course accommodated tours are in the comfort of a motel/hotel/backpacker room. The quality of accommodation is dependant upon the quality of tour selected. More info can be found on our Tour Styles page.

Do I need to bring lots of water?

No. All you need to bring is a water bottle. We recommend a minimum 1.5 litre bottle. We will be carrying large containers of chilled water that you can fill at the commencement and conclusion of all walks. Most walks have water replenishing facilities. For those warmer locations and walks (Kakadu/Central Australia) we recommend that an additional 1 litre of water is carried, particularly during our warmer months.

Do I bring all my luggage with me?

This is very much governed on where your tour commences and where it concludes. For those returning to their starting location (e.g. Darwin to Darwin, Alice Springs to Alice Springs) we recommend that you bring only one small bag per person with the things you will need for the duration of your tour. Suitcases are not recommended. You should be able to store your excess baggage at your accommodation while you are away.

We do make exceptions for people that book one way journeys however, this needs to be discussed with us prior to booking. There is a baggage lifting limit of 20kg. You may be required to assist the guide with loading and unloading.

How physically fit do I have to be?

Our tours are active adventures that include a fair amount of walking, hiking and water based activities. Walks can extend to 4 hours duration in warm to hot conditions, so a reasonable level of fitness is required, We don’t expressly set any age restrictions. Our tours are a mix of true outback adventure camping to soft camping. Less demanding treks/walks are available at most locations for those less active. Regardless, good health is important but ultimately, it is an open and positive attitude that matters. It is very important that any pre-existing medical conditions are discussed with our staff at time of booking.

I am not a meat eater. Will that be a problem?

Our menu is designed to cater for both carnivores and vegetarians. Specific diet requests may be difficult to comply with in some remote areas. You may be requested to supply some product If it can not be procured at a particular touring location. You must inform us at the time of tour booking if you have any special dietary requirements.

How many people will be on each tour?

Our Classic Style tours are all in 4WDs, carrying a maximum of 18 people in the red centre and 16 people in the top end.

Where will I be picked up from?

Our tours depart most locations early each morning (before 6.30am). We will pick you up from most accommodation on the first morning of the tour. You must advise us your accommodation a minimum 24 hours prior to departure. Failure to do so could result in you missing the departure. Those flying in to other locations must advise this at time of tour booking.

Warning: Should you not advise your accommodation or air flight connection times, sleep in, etc, and miss departure you may be required to pay an additional relocation fee to meet your tour. Should you need re-allotment to another tour on another date you will be required to pay an additional tour cost. All or any costs associated with additional accommodation, changing flight schedules, etc is your responsibility.

Will I have to help out on the tour?

In order for the tour to run smoothly and to get the maximum amount of time at the attractions, it is important for everyone to lend a hand. Collecting firewood, preparing food and washing dishes is the ideal opportunity to get to know everyone.

What Time Zones do Wayoutback use?

Australia is divided into several time zones. The time zones vary from season to season. During our summer months time zones can vary 3 hours between Sydney in the east and Perth in the west. Make sure you adjust your watches, mobile phones, etc upon your arrival in the Red Centre. All times published are local time in the relevant time zone of a trip.

Special Dietary requirements and allergies?

Our menu is designed for both carnivores and vegetarians. If you have any special dietary needs or allergies, please contact us to discuss this at time of booking as you may need to provide your own supplementary food/ snacks depending on your specific dietary need or allergy. Wayoutback Australian Safaris operates in some remote parts of Australia where certain foods are not easily available and therefore we cannot accommodate all dietary requests. At times, produce and products may be substituted as supply dictates and Wayoutback cannot guarantee the ingredients contained in these alternatives. Whilst all of our guides are trained in remote touring, they are not nutritionists and neither they nor Wayoutback Australian Safaris can advise of all ingredients contained in each food served on tour and are not responsible should an allergic reaction occur. If you have any allergies, please carry the necessary medication. Many dietary requirements are catered for in our standard menus.

Are there restrictions on Alcohol?

Much of the area we travel is controlled by the NT Government Dry Zone Policy. This policy was introduced with joint request from The Traditional Owners (Aboriginal communities), Federal and Territory Governments. While a wine or beer over dinner at our campsites is permitted, there are other restrictions as to where, when and what type of alcohol can be purchased or consumed. It is important to consult with our office, your guide or your accommodation supplier at booking.

We Have a Group of 30 wishing to do your Tour. Can you assist us?

We certainly can. We can operate vehicles in tandem to address your group numbers. This also provides more quality staff to assist with the group needs. If you are seeking an experience different to our standard tours, you may wish to discuss this with our Groups & Private Charter Department. The email address is admin@walkingcountry.com.au.

What happens if it rains during my tour?

Our tours will continue despite rain as long as it is safe to do so, however we are dictated by Parks authorities and occasionally they will need to close various locations included on our itineraries. If this is the case, a suitable alternative will be offered if possible.

Can I climb Uluru?

Passengers visiting Uluru (Ayers Rock) once had the opportunity to climb the iconic rock, but as of 26 October 2019, this is no longer an option.

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