Taking our environmental responsibilities seriously

Australia possesses a diverse array of environments, some of the most delicate on the planet. More so than many other tourist destinations, our National Parks in which we operate are very fragile environments and in order to preserve our own future we need to ensure all our activities are sustainable and representative of all facets of the region including indigenous culture.

The following are a number of initiatives we are taking and monitoring in order to make this the case.

We will continue to:

  • Measure our environmental impact and introduce and implement further operational improvements assisting in further reducing our Carbon Footprint.
  • Maximise energy efficiency whilst minimizing emissions.
  • Meet the certification criteria of the NEAP and Respect our Culture programs as defined by Eco Tourism Australia.
  • Upgrade our environmental best practice standards within our business and work to communicate our efforts and performance to staff, business associates and guests.
  • Enhance our position by continually educating guests and assisting them to understand and appreciate our diverse natural environment.
  • Continuously improve awareness, education and implementation of new initiatives within all company departments.
  • Commit to compliance with all relevant Environmental Legislation.
  • Consult with landowners and managers and comply with agreed directions in regards to impact and conservation upon soft use areas. Ensure these directions are communicated to staff and guests accordingly.
  • Support local suppliers, purchasing produce and accessories in bulk at every opportunity to minimize our waste packaging and collection impact.
  • Support local government recycling programs and continue to be a vocal advocate to government seeking expansion of recycling programs.
  • Utilise biodegradable, low nutrient and chlorine free detergents and cleaning products.
  • Advocate wherever possible the employment of local skilled and unskilled staff.
  • Advocate for training of Aboriginal guides and support of Aboriginal tourism product.
  • Foster and actively educate staff and visitors to our quiet environment ethos at our remote campsites and wild camping locations.
  • Promote staff friendly workplace agreements, reducing business activity through the heat of the day, thereby reducing our water use commitments.
  • Actively encourage walking, cycling or car pooling to and from our places of operation.
  • Actively investigate and replace to environmentally friendly office equipment and supplies as required.
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