Our Vision: To make your trip the most memorable you’ll ever have!

Established in 1999, Wayoutback Australian Safaris has forged an enviable reputation for running authentic small group experiences, incorporating indigenous culture for adventure travellers. From Uluru (Ayers Rock), the red heart of Australia, to the Tropical waterfalls and wetlands of Kakadu National Park, Wayoutback Australian Safaris deliver quality experiences throughout the Northern Territory. Our Safaris comprise different styles, catering for travellers of varying ages and budget. At Wayoutback we are passionate about what we do and with intimate knowledge of the areas in which we operate, allows us to pass on this knowledge with all who travel with us. We pride ourselves on the dedicated people within our team who work tirelessly to turn dreams into reality. For over 17 years Wayoutback has been working on building lasting relationships with a vast array of local contacts and exploring the most beautiful and often spectacular locations, enabling us to provide the most unforgettable lifetime experiences possible. If you want to experience the “icons, culture and the traditions” of the Northern Territory, then Wayoutback Australian Safaris is for you.

Our commitment to offering authentic Aboriginal interaction

Wayoutback works closely with many of the traditional land owners in the regions in which we operate. While all of our guides are experienced in Aboriginal Culture, history and Dreamtime, we believe that to get a thorough understanding of the Northern Territory then meeting and interacting with local Aboriginal people is paramount. They have been living in the area for in excess of 20,000 years and have a unique history and relationship with the land. To hear their stories first-hand will give you an insight you won’t forget in a hurry. We are proud to partner with Aboriginal owned and operated companies in the Northern Territory including: Karrke Aboriginal Cultural Experience Close to Kings Canyon, join this family owned and operated, one-of-a-kind, authentic aboriginal cultural experience. During the tour you will do a short walk and will be told about areas of importance, bush tucker and bush medicines used for spiritual and healing and a lot more, as used by the Luritja and Pertame (Southern Aranda) people. Maruku @ Uluru (Ayers Rock) The name Maruku literally means “belonging to black”. This is because Maruku is owned and operated by Anangu, the Aboriginal people from the Western and Central Deserts of Australia. For over 30 years Maruku has operated as a not-for-profit art and craft corporation. Guests on our Classic 4WD Safaris in the Red Centre experience Maraku as part of their tour. Sharing stories and passing on traditional methods of painting plays an important part in the sustainability of Aboriginal culture, the world oldest living culture. Starting with a walk to the cave paintings near Mutitjulu Waterhole at the base of Uluru (Ayers Rock), you will be guided by an Anangu who will be telling you the stories of this unique landscape and explaining the connection between the Art, their Culture and deep connection to the Land. Arnhem Land Arnhem Land is one area in Australia where indigenous culture is still dominant. The local Aboriginal people have a long history interacting with other cultures such as the Macassens who visited the shores of Arnhem Land for more than five hundred years to harvest sea slug. They came by sailing boats from the Indonesian Island of Sulawesi and left their legacy with the Aboriginal people. Then the Europeans arrived and their impact on Aboriginal people was far-reaching and profound. Arnhem Land today has weathered all the storms and it has managed to remain as a last frontier and homeland of around 20,000 people. Our 4 and 5 day Arnhem Land tours travel into Arnhem Land where a traditional Aboriginal guide will take you up Injalak Hill and show you excellent and prolific examples of Aboriginal rock art. This area has some of the best rock art examples in western Arnhem Land. The view from the top of the hill is simply breathtaking with views out over the floodplains and across to the breathtaking escarpment. Visit the award winning Injalak Art and Craft Centre and browse or purchase goods from this non-profit Aboriginal organisation. The art centre is simply stunning and the range of artwork is inspiring. There will also be time to watch the traditional Aboriginal people painting and an opportunity to see local women weaving pandanus baskets. Top Didj and Art Gallery The Top Didj Cultural Experience in the Northern Territory was founded in April 2009 by Alex and Petrena Ariston.  Alex and Petrena identified the need for cultural interaction with the Aboriginal people of Katherine. They were passionate about capturing this rich culture and providing an avenue for local indigenous artists to tell their story and to showcase traditional activities such as fire lighting, spear and boomerang throwing, painting while educating visitors of their culture and way of life. The cultural experience is designed to promote a positive experience with the aboriginal people. They have a beautiful culture which amazes many travellers and can be experienced by Wayoutback guests on our 5 Day Jabiru and Arnhem Land Safaris. The Top Didj Art Gallery holds a portfolio of artists from the region. The gallery reflects the cultural diversity and influences from the Jawoyn and Dagoman Aborigines who have lived in the area for thousands of years. The gallery also has a range of strong collections from the celebrated regions of Arnhem Land, the Kimberleys and the Central Western Desert, home to the Warlpiri people. Katherine is central to these regions. Alex and Petrina work closely with the Katherine Indigenous community to assist local artists with employment and provide other practical support such as housing.

You can’t put a price on a once in a lifetime experience

A Wayoutback tour will be one of the highlights of your trip to Australia, so why not make it “super special” by really getting in amongst it rather than just seeing it (big difference).

The name “WAYOUTBACK” typifies our belief that the only way to experience the authentic  Australian Outback is to get far away from the crowds, bounce your way along bush tracks in a 4WD, swim in remote waterholes, camp in the middle of nowhere, cook over an open camp fire and drift off to sleep under the stars by the fire – a truly outback Australian tradition!

“Opened my eyes to the real outback, not just the tourist destinations.” (typical end of tour comment)

Because we are a genuine small group operator, we may not be the cheapest tour around but we’re confident we are the best and offer the best value. All our vehicles and equipment are of a very high standard, our campsites are well chosen spots away from other tourists, our guides are well trained and friendly, and we use top quality equipment to give you that feeling of confidence.

Taking our environmental responsibilities seriously

Australia possesses a diverse array of environments, some of the most delicate on the planet. More so than many other tourist destinations, the Red Centre is a very fragile environment and so in order to preserve our own future we need to ensure all our activities are sustainable and representative of all facets of the region including indigenous culture.

Wayoutback operates the only Level IV Advanced Eco-Certified Tours from its base in Alice Springs. It is the highest acknowledgement for environmental understanding, operational practices and cultural representation as defined by Ecotourism Australia.

Respect Our Culture Program

Wayoutback has Level IV Respect our Culture (ROC) Certification. This program recognizes our sustainable business philosophy on the environmental and recognition of cultural respect to and protocols towards the Indigenous families and peoples of the great southern land, particularly to those families we support within the Red Centre.

Climate Action Certification Program

Wayoutback Australian Safaris has just realised Climate Action Certification over its entire Northern Territory touring operations. The Climate Action Certification Program (CACP) is dedicated to ranking efforts to reduce carbon emissions. The CACP is administered and audited jointly by Sustainable Tourism Australia and Eco Tourism Australia.

Our “not so wayout” mission is to make your tour one of the most memorable you’ll ever have.

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