How Wayoutback Australian Safaris Came to Be

At the same time we recognised a need for tours offering a true outback experience in terms of authenticity, small groups and cultural interaction, but something for those wanting some creature comforts such as hotel and lodge style accommodation rather than a tent. Hence our Comfort Experience tours were introduced.

After 22 years Don is still at the helm as Managing Director and shareholder, his passion for the Northern Territory undiminished. However, to help finance Wayoutback’s growth and expertise, additional partners have been brought on board to add value in areas such as International and Domestic marketing as well as finance. Wayoutback Australian Safaris continues to constantly strive to improve our offerings based on our ethos of a few fundamental characteristics we believe are paramount to getting a really authentic taste of the outback as an adventure traveller.

  • Bush camping
  • Cooking food over a campfire
  • Sleeping under the stars in swags (Aussie bush bed)
  • 4 wheel driving on outback bush tracks
  • Keeping away from the crowds as much as possible
  • Providing authentic Aboriginal interaction
  • Employing and training guides that are, or become, the best in the business.

Happy travels!

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