Things to do in Phillip Island

The wide variety of unique attractions and activities ensures days of engagement without ever leaving the Island!

Phillip Island tour offers much to explore and experience, regardless of when you visit! Discover a world of excitement with thrilling attractions, endless family fun, unforgettable guided tours, breathtaking panoramic flights, and heart-pounding motorsports that will leave you in awe.

When it comes to aquatic activities, the choices are boundless! Indulge in the ultimate adrenaline rush as you conquer the crashing waves or embark on an unforgettable kayaking adventure in the enchanting Rhyll Inlet or the awe-inspiring Cape Woolamai.

Embark on a boat voyage or a fishing expedition and admire the stunning views and terrains while you spend a day at sea!

For those seeking relaxation and renewal, peruse the stores, partake in yoga, or unwind with a massage at a spa and wellness centre.

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Phillip Island presents a plethora of highlights and activities! Phillip Island has something in store for every visitor, from natural wonders to enjoyable family attractions!

Dive into a universe of enigmas and optical deceptions at A Maze N Things, discover the most delightful experience at the Phillip Island Chocolate Factory, and witness the adorable penguins return at dusk at the Penguin Parade.

Witness thousands of naturally frolicsome seals during a Wildlife Coast Cruises journey, behold the magnificent edges of Cape Woolamai with an exhilarating trip by Ocean Adventures, or gaze upon Phillip Island from the skies with a Phillip Island Helicopter tour!

Compete with buddies on a model of the Phillip Island Circuit at Phillip Island Go-Karts, gauge your dexterity at Clip N Climb Phillip Island, paddle around Cape Woolamai with Pioneer Kayaking, or grab a surf tutorial with Island Surfboards. Engage the family in a ten-pin or laser tag game at Phillip Island Ten Pin Bowling and Fun Centre.

phillip island things to do

Traverse the Island’s captivating scenic routes and pathways, either walking or cycling, with a Super Cruze E-Bike.

Encounter distinctive animals at Maru Koala & Animal Park, Koala Conservation Haven and Churchill Island Estate. Delve into the past at the National Vietnam Veterans Memorial or the intriguing realm of Antarctica at the Antarctic Expedition.

If you want to diversify your Phillip Island journey, stop at Moonlit Sanctuary to greet rare Australian indigenous creatures and Caldermeade Farm & Cafe for pastoral excursions, young fauna, and delightful bites at the cafe!


Forge unforgettable moments with Phillip Island’s family-oriented activities! Delight in a standout coastal vacation filled with family-centric attractions, amiable animals, and protected bays ideal for a round of beachside games.

Delve into a realm of riddles and marvels at A Maze N Things, engage in a spirited family race at Phillip Island Go-Karts, expend boundless energy scaling walls at Clip N Climb Phillip Island, or aim for that first perfect roll at Phillip Island Ten Pin Bowling. And remember to stop by the most delicious site, Phillip Island Chocolate Factory!

Interact with native creatures at Maru Koala and Animal Park, or dive into the captivating universe of Antarctica with the Antarctic Journey. Observe koalas in their genuine surroundings at the Koala Conservation Sanctuary or allocate an afternoon to discovering how to extract milk from cows or handle a whip at Churchill Island. Conclude your day by observing the tiniest penguins march back to their dens at dusk during the Phillip Island Penguin Parade.

things to do phillip island

Prepare a picnic, set aside electronic devices, and journey through one of Phillip Island’s exquisite trails. Embark on a cycling adventure, rent a bicycle from Super Cruzer E-Bike Hire to meander through the Island, or bask in the sun rays and embrace surfing during a collective day at the shore!

Embark on a voyage to witness one of Australia’s grandest fur seal gatherings with Wildlife Coast Cruises, or elevate the family’s thrill levels aboard the Ocean Adventures Jet Boat.

The Phillip Island Adventure “PIA” is an exemplary route to experience Phillip Island’s top Attractions and Expeditions with privileged savings and special deals.

If you’re scouting for a pause on your way to Phillip Island, consider dropping by Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Preservation Park and Caldermeade Farm.


A distinctive, top-tier surfing location with a deep-rooted surfing legacy and a variety of waves suitable for any weather and skill level, Phillip Island is the venue for Victoria’s inaugural National Surfing Reserve and some of the premier surfing locales in Victoria. Phillip Island features diverse surf spots, from protected inlets ideal for novices to mighty reef breaks awaiting discovery.

You’re always assured a chance to hit the waves with your board at Phillip Island. The waves are seldom too diminutive to ride, and based on the wave magnitude, a sheltered spot is almost always available regardless of the wind’s direction.

For the more adept surfers, the renowned beach breaks at Cape Woolamai are worth a visit, while neophytes can make their way to Smiths Beach and YCW Beach for enjoyable, gentle waves.

Island Surfboards Surf School is the place to be for those keen on mastering the art of surfing, for those who’ve passed beginner’s lessons, surfboards, stand-up paddleboards, and other gear can be rented from Island Surfboards at their Cowes and Smiths Beach establishments.


Phillip Island is ideally suited for boat entry in the harbour and direct routes to Bass Strait. Numerous fishing opportunities abound on local docks, beachfront, and the surrounding shoreline. Always observe the signs, and before casting your line, peruse the safety guidelines listed here.

Reserve a spot on a local fishing expedition to embark on an exciting journey with a companion, or choose any of the abundant docks and platforms to test your fishing prowess! Among the local fishing trips are Reel Obsession and Fishing Expeditions. For all your angling essentials, visit Jim’s Bait and Gear in San Remo.

Currently, authorisation is mandated for recreational angling in Western Port. Rules exist about the smallest permissible catch size, bait collection, and the approved methods for capturing certain fish varieties. Rigorous guidelines also apply to boaters concerning proximity to marine creatures, notably whales. Ensure you acquaint yourself with these rules to sidestep any penalties.

things to do on phillip island

Distinctive rules apply to nautical activities on Victorian channels. These stipulations address issues like boat permits, security measures, life vests, emergency signals, and alcohol consumption on board. Consult with the Marine Safety Authority of Victoria or secure a version of the Victorian Nautical Manual, accessible at police precincts and angling stores..


Experience the splendour of Phillip Island from the skies on one of Phillip Island Helicopters’ aerial tours! There’s also a range of fantastic trips available to explore the landmarks and flavours of Phillip Island. Witness Phillip Island from the waters with a Pioneer Kayaking journey, or set sail on one of Wildlife Coast Cruises expeditions.

Looking for assistance in exploring? Tour Local presents a wine, wildlife, and penguin excursion from Melbourne or Phillip Island. Dianne’s Adventure Tours offers niche wine, gastronomy, miniature penguins, natural landscapes, nature, and hiking trips. Additional nearby tour operators encompass Posh Penguins, Outstanding Expeditions, and Exclusive Wine Journeys.

things to do in philip island

Consider services from Drive Me Classy or Meandering Routes Tours for commutes related to cruise vessels, events, and excursions.

Island Maserati extends sunset excursions, regional voyages, and airport shuttle services, while Phillip Island Elite ensures airport commutation and intimate group trips to penguin spots and vineyards.

Embark on Western Port Ferries from Cowes and land at Fresh Island for an independent exploration. Enlist with Enthusiast Excursions for a knowledgeable and thrilling expedition around French Island.


Retail therapy in Phillip Island and San Remo is varied, and you’ll discover a mix of handcrafted items, presents, apparel, keepsakes, and so much more!

For exquisite presents and home decor, check out Lattitude in San Remo or make a pit stop at Tyde, The Store or Flowers of Phillip Island in Cowes. For unique and chic home goods and gift items, Brinnie T Design Studio in Cowes is worth a visit.

The Corner Dispensary offers a delightful assortment for those pursuing organic items and fresh produce.

Plant enthusiasts should drop by The Ivy Plant Studio located in Newhaven.

For all your surfing essentials, including clothing, Island Surfboards has you covered. And for trendy beachwear, look no further than Island Surf Shack.

philip island things to do


De-stress, find calm and invigorate yourself on Phillip Island. Indulge in a therapeutic or deep tissue massage, engage in a yoga session, or find peace in a meditation class.

Experience a tailored wellness session at Aloha Healing or try a reiki with Holistic Essentials Therapy & Consulting. Spoil yourself with a spa service or massage at Her.Skin.Spa or invest in a wellness package from Island Days.

If staying active during your vacation is a priority, break a sweat at My 24/7 Gym in San Remo.

things to see in phillip island

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