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Embark on an epic journey along the mesmerising Great Ocean Road, a 243-kilometre stretch of breathtaking beauty spanning the southern edge of magnificent Victoria in Australia. It is a spectacular natural wonder that attracts residents and travellers eager to witness its splendour. Look at this marvellous winding trail, skilfully laid out by soldiers returning from the battlefield of World War I and magnificently opened in 1932.

Over the years, this enchanting lane along the mesmerising Southern Ocean has become one of Australia’s most sought-after and captivating tourist destinations. The Great Ocean Road boasts a range of delightful activities, from riding waves at Bells Beach to venturing to the Twelve Apostles and gazing at the organic stone structures.

Whether folks are embarking on a brief excursion from Melbourne or steering at their own pace to pause at every oceanic point, gourmet hub, majestic cascades, spotting fascinating regional fauna, or simply unwinding, the Great Ocean Road promises an array of experiences. Here’s a compilation of top pursuits on the Great Ocean Road.

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1. Many activities on the Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is a must-visit for numerous travellers in Melbourne, Australia. The dramatic Victorian shores frequently feature in many travel pamphlets and advertisements, motivating individuals to journey to Australia.

Upon embarking on the Great Ocean Road, visitors quickly discover that the attractions extend beyond just the 12 Apostles. The road presents splendid vistas, canopy adventures, walking paths, and majestic trees.

things to do in great ocean road

2. A walk in Port Campbell National Park

The 12 Apostles, Loch Ard Gorge, London Bridge Gib, and Son Steps are located at the farthest stretch of the Great Ocean Road. These landmarks are the primary attractions on the Great Ocean Road, drawing most visitors to this iconic route.

This dramatic and treacherous coastline is scenic and unforgettable, with panoramas from cliff tops and sandy shores. The best viewpoint for the Apostles is from an observation deck, whereas places like Loch Ard Gorge and Gibsons Steps on the Great Ocean Road provide entry to the beach.

3. The Bay of Islands

Nestled between Peterborough and Warrnambool, the Bay of Islands Coastal Park spans 32 kilometres on the Great Ocean Road. Observatories with parking facilities near Peterborough and Warrnambool aid tourists in reaching the Bay of Martyrs, the Bay of Islands, Three Mile Beach, and Childers Cove.

4. Surfing the Great Ocean Road

In search of a distinctive way to explore activities on the Great Ocean Road? How about considering a surfing tutorial? Surfing offers an exhilarating journey, ensuring a delightful and thrilling session for everyone.

Even for those who’ve never caught a wave, a session with a surfing coach can set you on the right trajectory. A surf tutorial imparts fundamental techniques like positioning and maintaining balance on a board, adhering to safety measures, interpreting the sea’s mood, and beyond.

For many enthusiasts, nothing parallels the bliss of melding with the sea and savouring the rush of surfing. Discover the ultimate surfing experience along the breathtaking Great Ocean Road! Anglesea, Lorne, and Torquay are prime locations to catch the perfect wave and master your surfing skills.

Being coastal towns, they offer mesmerising vistas as you master the art. So, what’s the hold-up? Seize your surfboard and dive into this splendid pursuit on the Great Ocean Road!

things to see great ocean road

5. Explore the Australian National Surfing Museum

Discover the epic Australian National Surfing Museum, nestled in the captivating coastal town of Torquay. The museum showcases the history and culture of surfing in Australia. It features exhibits on the evolution of surfboards, surf fashion, surf culture, and the impact of surfing on Australian society.

It houses an impressive array of surfing memorabilia, photographs and historical artefacts and captures the essence and spirit of the sport like no other. Immerse yourself in the fascinating Australian surfing world and discover its cultural heritage and colourful canvas at this incredible museum. It should be part of any Great Ocean Road itinerary.

things to do on great ocean road

6. Waterfalls along the Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road, which runs along the southern coast of Australia, is considered one of the most scenic routes in the world. It offers not only breathtaking ocean views but also lush landscapes. An important highlight of this route is the many cascades scattered along its length.

Discover the mesmerising waterfalls of the Great Ocean Road, where the beauty of nature tumbles down in enchanting wonders such as Hopetown Falls, Lower Calimna Falls, Stevenson Falls, Beauchamp Falls and Erskine Falls.

Hopetown Falls, located in Great Otway National Park, cascades 30 metres into the River Eyre. Come and witness the breathtaking beauty of this waterfall on the Great Ocean Road! With a conveniently accessible viewing platform steps from the car park, prepare to be amazed!

Stevenson Falls is an idyllic spot for those seeking a peaceful retreat. A leisurely 700-metre walk will take visitors to this magnificent waterfall, which drops 15 metres into the Gellibrand River.

Just 9 kilometres from Lorne is Erskine Falls. Prepare to be amazed by the breathtaking views from its viewing platform, located just 100 meters from the car park. This stunning cascade is one of the most visitor-friendly attractions along the iconic Great Ocean Road. Exploring these cascades is the main activity on this iconic route.

The Lower Kalimna Falls, located in Lorne, attracts numerous tourists. Known for its enchanting charm, this waterfall offers easy trail access. In addition, the surrounding area is ideal for picnics, diving in its waters and hiking.

7. Lighthouses on the Great Ocean Road

Prepare to be captivated by the breathtaking coastal vistas along Australia’s iconic Great Ocean Road. This road runs along the continent’s periphery, offering panoramas of steep chasms, golden shores and verdant rainforests.

The highlight of the Great Ocean Road, which attracts a lot of attention, is the succession of lighthouses that adorn the coastline. These monumental structures, which have served as lighthouses since the sunset of the 19th century, have historically aided maritime navigation. They are now frequently visited attractions within the Great Ocean Road. Take advantage of the incredible Cape Otway Light Station and Split Point Lighthouses, two must-see stops along Australia’s breathtaking Great Ocean Road!

things to do along the great ocean road

8. Skydiving

Every day, countless tourists cross Victoria’s scenic shoreline of the Great Ocean Road. Yet, many remain unaware of the exhilarating adventure just over the horizon.

Skydiving is fast becoming a popular pastime, offering a new perspective on the world, and Victoria’s south coast provides plenty of opportunities for this breathtaking descent. It is undoubtedly among the most outstanding activities on the Great Ocean Road.

Drop-off zones are abundant if you’re new to the adrenaline rush or a seasoned adrenaline junkie. Many tandem diving options range from 12,000 feet to a dizzying 15,000 feet. Explore skydiving opportunities along the Great Ocean Road on your upcoming trip to western Victoria.

things to do at great ocean road

9. Great Ocean Road and tasty chocolate

The Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie is a pivotal stop for those with a penchant for sweets while journeying Victoria’s breathtaking Great Ocean Road. Rooted in Torquay, this family-run venture has mastered the intricate craft of conjuring hand-finished chocolate wonders.

At the Chocolaterie, patrons are treated to chocolate sampling sessions where a mere $3 lets you savour 12 exquisite chocolates. The establishment’s café caters to families throughout the day, with high chairs, a dedicated menu for young ones, and engaging activity sheets. Do seize the opportunity to revel in some of the most delectable chocolates and handcrafted ice cream you’ll ever relish.

10. Great Ocean Road has breweries and distilleries

Australia’s craft beer and spirits scene is thriving, and the Great Ocean Road offers many choices to quench your thirst.

Breweries dot the landscape in nearly every significant town along this iconic route. In the enchanting coastal town of Torquay, Blackmans Brewery proudly stands as a beacon of craft beer excellence. Meanwhile, nestled in the picturesque Aireys Inlet, the Salt Brewing Company has planted its roots, creating a beer haven like no other.

Forrest, a hidden gem, is home to not just one but three amazing breweries – the Forrest Brewing Company, the legendary and unique Prickly Moses Brewery, and the charming Sow and Piglets Brewery.

Whether you’re a fan of traditional brews, seasonal concoctions, or unique beer specialties, there’s something for every beer lover. Complementing the breweries are distilleries in Tinboom producing Whisky and those in Apollo Bay crafting Gin, providing more delightful stops to savour the essence of the Great Ocean Road.

For those looking to extend their experience, the Great Ocean Road Brewhouse in Apollo Bay offers accommodations. Many consider Apollo Bay the premier town to lodge while exploring the Great Ocean Road.

things to see along the great ocean road

11. Try the Otway treetop adventure on the Great Ocean Road

The Otway Fly, situated a short detour from the Great Ocean Road within the Otway Ranges, is a multifaceted attraction positioned roughly at the midpoint of the iconic drive. This venue presents eco-ziplining experiences 30 metres above the woodland ground, encompassing nine cloud platforms and suspension bridges.

This ziplining journey offers 2.5 hours of exhilaration along the Great Ocean Road. Experience the awe-inspiring Treetop Forest Adventure Walk, a 1.9km journey deep into the heart of the rainforest, where the tranquil beauty of the ancient temperate rainforests will enchant you.

The pathway boasts a steel construction that spans 600m and rises 30m above the ground, enabling visitors to stroll atop the forest canopy. As you walk, informative panels throughout the path illuminate the intricate rainforest ecosystem surrounding you. For the younger explorers touring Victoria, a mystical-enchanted forest awaits with tales of fairies, dragons, and beyond. The Otway Fly is a top family destination on the Great Ocean Road.

great ocean road things to see

12. Wildlife exploration on the Great Ocean Road

Embark on a concise 1.4-kilometre journey over 75 minutes with a conservation expert near Apollo Bay. This inclusive trail navigates participants through meadows, woodlands, natural bush territories, and valleys filled with tree ferns.

Embark on an awe-inspiring journey along the Great Ocean Road and immerse yourself in the captivating wonders of the Great Otway National Park, where you’ll uncover the secrets of its vibrant and unique ecosystem.

As you traverse the path, you’ll be introduced to the region’s plant life and can spot native animals such as kangaroos, Koalas, emus, and kookaburras. Every participant in the guided tour along the Great Ocean Road receives a pair of binoculars to maximise their observation experience.

13. Relax and rejuvenate on the Great Ocean Road

It’s an ideal spot to unwind, invigorate, and revitalise in one of the globe’s most picturesque locales. Nothing surpasses the pleasure of a break to relax, rejuvenate, and reconnect, and the Great Ocean Road provides just the setting.

Lodge in premium Great Ocean Road accommodations or enjoy a seaside retreat in a glamping tent. Whatever your preference to relax, refresh or reignite, the Great Ocean Road delivers. Discover your perfect haven on The Great Ocean Road.

great ocean road destinations

14. The Great Ocean Stroll

While the Great Ocean Road meanders along the southeastern shoreline of Victoria, many need to be made aware that a walking path also traces much of this iconic route. Embark on an extraordinary journey along the awe-inspiring 110-kilometer Great Ocean Stroll, stretching from the breathtaking Apollo Bay to the majestic 12 Apostles.

This pathway traverses some of the Great Ocean Road’s most exquisite and secluded segments, encompassing cool temperate rainforests, eucalyptus woods, and a dramatic coastal edge.

You can embark on this trail from either endpoint, but most opt to journey from Apollo Bay towards the 12 Apostles. This approach provides a gentler climb and descent. Exploring the Great Ocean Road on foot offers a unique perspective if time permits.

great ocean road sightseeing

15. Stroll among giants

Immerse yourself in the enchanting allure of the Redwoods, a truly captivating experience along the mesmerising Great Ocean Road. Traverse amidst these magnificent giants and marvel at their towering presence.

Despite their non-indigenous status, they proudly claim their spot as one of the most mesmerising tourist hotspots along the breathtaking Great Ocean Road.

things to do along great ocean road

16. Become enamoured with a coastal hamlet

Relaxing on a terrace and observing the rhythmic dance of waves on a bright day surely ranks among the top activities on the Great Ocean Road. Fortunately, numerous towns along the route offer this serene experience. Becoming obsessed with a coastal hamlet along this iconic stretch is effortless. Multiple comfortable lodging options are available, including some of Victoria’s prime caravan parks.

Additionally, meander through quaint boutique shops and select mementos to cherish memories of your journey along the Great Ocean Road.

things to see in great ocean road

17. See the sunrise or sunset

Countless unforgettable moments are etched in your mind, especially when it involves a breathtaking sky. The Great Ocean Road promises these moments, whether during the mesmerising hues of sunrise or the captivating lights of sunset.

18. Point Addis Koorie Heritage Trail

Point Addis is located in Wathaurong Country. The indigenous Wathaurong people have resided on this terrain for thousands of years, relying on its natural resources for sustenance. As you trek along, you’ll encounter the native plants and animals the Wathaurong community depended on.

19. Whale watching

This activity is seasonal along the Great Ocean Road but remains one of the most remarkable experiences. As whales make their way through the ‘whale corridor’ from May to September, you can embark on a guided day tour into the waters or select an optimal town along the Great Ocean Road to try and catch a glimpse of these majestic creatures.

Embark on an epic adventure along the legendary whale route connecting Warrnambool, Port Fairy, and Portland, where majestic Blue Whales, graceful Southern Right Whales, and playful Humpback Whales await your awe-struck gaze. And if fortune smiles upon you, prepare to be mesmerised by the exhilarating sight of an Orca!

Whale watching

20. Have fun on the Great Ocean Road with sandy feet

Strolling on a serene, untouched beach is undeniably among the top activities on the Great Ocean Road. Feeling the sand beneath your feet is a splendid way to bond with the environment and savour your Great Ocean Road journey.
Various beaches boast dunes waiting to be explored, others present tidal pools teeming with marine life to observe, while some offer vast expanses where you can find solitude.

Have fun on the Great Ocean Road with sandy feet

21. Taste the best seafood dishes on the Great Ocean Road

Given its proximity to the sea, indulging in seafood is highly recommended. Fresh catches are readily available from local fish markets or cooperatives, which you can prepare at your Great Ocean Road lodging.

Alternatively, numerous charming cafes, eateries, and fish and chip shops are on hand to serve you a delectable seafood spread. These experiences are among the tastiest things to do on the Great Ocean Road.

21. Incredible views of the Great Ocean Road

Certain spots allow you to pause and soak in some of the most breathtaking views of the coastal towns on the Great Ocean Road and its majestic shoreline.

Marriners Lookout in Apollo Bay offers sweeping coastline and beach views. Additionally, Port Addis provides a superb viewpoint after a delightful walk.

Incredible views of the Great Ocean Road

22. Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum is a notable museum

Uncover the secret treasure of Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum in the captivating town of Warrnambool, just a hop, skip and jump away from the awe-inspiring Great Ocean Road. Warrnambool serves as the southern entry point after the Great Ocean Road, commencing just a short distance outside the town.

Situated in Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia, Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum is dedicated to preserving the area’s maritime heritage, mainly focusing on the western section of the Great Ocean Road, beginning with the neighbouring shoreline.

Visitors within the museum can engage with interactive displays, including a light show, narrating the tales of shipwrecks and the lives of those who ventured and laboured upon the seas.

Guests can observe rehabilitated shipwrecks and gain insights into the advancements and methodologies in ship construction and navigation. The institution’s mission is to enlighten guests about the deep-seated maritime legacy of the area and its influential role in moulding the local populace.

Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum is a notable museum

23. Is it advisable to visit the Great Ocean Road?

Visiting Australia without experiencing the Great Ocean Road? Unthinkable! There’s plenty to do in the rich maritime history of the Great Ocean region. Embark on an unforgettable journey along the fascinating Great Ocean Road, where relaxation and adventure merge to create the perfect holiday for any traveller. So, what are you looking forward to? Start preparing to explore the sites on the Great Ocean Road.

Is it advisable to visit the Great Ocean Road

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