4 Day Kakadu Tours From Darwin

The location is closed during the wet season from November 1st to April 30th.

Prepare for a 4-day Kakadu tour from Darwin. This 4WD safari adventure offers a unique experience in Kakadu National Park. Explore ancient Aboriginal Rock Art and stunning natural landscapes. Immerse yourself in lush rainforests, beautiful waterfalls, and pristine plunge pools. Encounter native flora and fauna, including saltwater crocodiles, on a boat cruise along the Mary River wetlands. This camping tour provides comfortable accommodations each evening after days of adventure and cultural experiences.


  • Kakadu National Park in Australia is known for its exceptional natural environment, diverse wildlife, and cultural significance, making it a World Heritage Listed site worth exploring.
  • Visit the Bowali Visitor Centre to gain a deeper understanding of Kakadu’s seasons, stories, and cultural history of the region.
  • VisitWarradjan Aboriginal Cultural Centre
  • Experience a cultural boat cruise along the East Alligator River, located on the border of Kakadu and Arnhem Land.
  • Be cautious of saltwater crocodiles and Barramundi at Cahills Crossing.
  • Experience breathtaking sunset views atUbirr Rock.
  • Visitors can receive guided tours of two world-class Aboriginal rock art sites, Burrungkuy (Nourlangie) and Ubirr Walk, which contain artwork dating back over 20,000 years old (conditions/seasonality permitting).
  • Visitors can explore Kakadu’s largest waterfalls, such as Jim Jim or Twin Falls, depending on the conditions and season.
  • Visitors can find relaxation and tranquillity at Maguk (Barramundi Gorge) waterfall and plunge pool.
  • Experience the genuine hospitality of Jabiru and Katherine in the Top End.
  • You can take a helicopter flight or cruise at Katherine Gorge.

This itinerary is subject to change due to seasonal conditions and access restrictions. The waterfalls are rarely open before late June. Kakadu National Park’s landscape and weather conditions require flexibility and adaptability. Use these itinerary highlights as a rough guideline only.

Pricing options

Fare Type




*Twin Share Room – Adult 18+ (shared bathroom)



30 Days

Double/Twin Room – Adult / Child (private ensuite)



30 Days

Single Private Room – Adult 18+ (private ensuite)



30 Days

The cost is $1,950 per person when sharing a twin room.

Experience the thrill of Solo travel, where you can make a new friend of the same gender! However, there is no guarantee of this arrangement. For an unforgettable experience, children between 12 and 17 must be accompanied by a legal guardian or adult and indulge in the luxury of a private room. Attention! Please note that we regretfully cannot offer triple share or family rooms on this tour. Additionally, due to the incredible remoteness of our locations, not all properties will have ensuite facilities. This product is not recommended for infants or children under 11.

Pickup times and locations.

2023 (Shoulder Season)
These departures may operate off a slightly different itinerary due to seasonal waterfall closures, which usually don’t open until late June.
Departure 1 – Mon May 1st 2023
Departure 2 – Thurs May 4th 2023
Departure 3 – Mon May 8th 2023
Departure 4 – Thurs May 11th 2023
Departure 5 – Mon May 15th 2023 (NO Ensuites Anbinik)
Departure 6 – Thurs May 18th 2023 (NO Ensuites Anbinik)
Departure 7 – Mon May 22nd 2023 (NO Ensuites Anbinik)
Departure 8 – Thurs May 25th 2023
Departure 9 – Mon May 29th 2023
Departure 10 – Thurs June 1st 2023
Departure 11 – Mon June 5th 2023
Departure 12 – Thurs 8th Jun 2023 (NO Ensuites Anbinik)
Departure 13 – Mon June 12th 2023
Departure 14 – Thurs 15h Jun 2023
Departure 15 – Mon June 19th 2023
Departure 16 – Thurs 22nd Jun 2023 (NO Ensuites Anbinik)
Departure 17 – Mon June 26th 2023
Departure 18 – Thurs 29th Jun 2023

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Pickup times and locations.

2023 (Dry Season) These departures operate on the standard itinerary.
Departure 19 – Mon July 3rd 2023
Departure 20 – Thurs July 6th 2023
Departure 21 – Mon July 10th 2023
Departure 22 – Thurs July 13th 2023
Departure 23 – Mon July 17th 2023
Departure 24 – Thurs July 20th 2023
Departure 25 – Mon 24h Jul 2023
Departure 26 – Thurs July 27th 2023
Departure 27 – Mon July 31st 2023
Departure 28 – Thurs 3rd Aug 2023
Departure 29 – Mon August 7th 2023
Departure 30 – Thurs 10th Aug 2023 (NO Ensuites Anbinik)
Departure 31 – Mon August 14th 2023
Departure 32 – Thurs 17th Aug 2023
Departure 33 – Mon August 21st 2023
Departure 34 – Thurs 24th Aug 2023
Departure 35 – Mon August 28th 2023
Departure 36 – Thurs 31st Aug 2023
Departure 37 – Mon September 4th 2023
Departure 38 – Thurs September 7th 2023
Departure 39 – Mon September 11th 2023
Departure 40 – Thurs September 14th 2023
Departure 41 – Mon September 18th 2023
Departure 42 – Thurs September 21st 2023
Departure 43 – Mon September 25th 2023
Departure 44 – Thurs September 28th 2023
Departure 45 – Mon October 2nd 2023
Departure 46 – Thurs October 5th 2023
Departure 47 – Mon October 9th 2023
Departure 48 – Thurs 12th Oct 2023
Departure 49 – Mon October 16th 2023
Departure 50 – Thurs October 19th 2023
Departure 51 – Mon October 23rd 2023
Departure 52 – Thurs 26th Oct 2023
Departure 53 – Mon October 30th 2023

The Customlinc API provides web mapping codes for pickup locations.

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Tour Inclusions
Tour Style

Be prepared for a wild weather rollercoaster in the Top End, where the elements can immediately put on a dramatic show! Temperatures can reach 40 degrees Celsius in the dry season and drop at night. Before your trip, check the average temperatures for your travel time and pack appropriate clothing. If it rains or the weather is terrible, assume your tour will still happen unless told otherwise.

Day 1

Darwin – Kakadu National Park


Embark on an exhilarating journey from Darwin to the captivating Mary River Wetlands region, where you’ll experience the thrill of a Crocodile & Wildlife Cruise along the majestic river. During the cruise, you will have the opportunity to observe various bird species native to the Top End and some of the region’s largest apex predators, such as the saltwater crocodile. Embark on an extraordinary escapade to the enchanting Kakadu National Park, where the breathtaking allure of Jabiru awaits us for an unforgettable two-night stay! Step into the Bowali Visitor Centre and embark on a captivating journey through the wonders of the region’s wildlife, breathtaking landscapes, and the rich tapestry of Aboriginal art, culture, and history. We proceed to Cahills Crossing, a dangerous body of water that serves as the only road access point between Kakadu National Park and Arnhem Land. Join us on a thrilling adventure as we glide along the majestic East Alligator River, surrounded by enchanting indigenous dreamtime tales and a vibrant array of wildlife, from graceful birds to magnificent barramundi and awe-inspiring crocodiles. Next, prepare to be awestruck as we venture to the majestic World Heritage Listed site, Ubirr. Embark on a captivating guided walk through this sacred place, where ancient Aboriginal Rock Art awaits, whispering tales of the world’s oldest and most immaculately preserved masterpieces. We rise to the highest point, gazing upon the breathtaking spectacle of the Nadab Floodplain as the sun gracefully descends beyond the horizon. Following a rigorous day of exploration, we return to our comfortable campsite to prepare a meal together and unwind with our fellow travellers.

Day 2

Jim Jim or Twin Falls - Jabiru Return


Jim Jim and Twin Falls are well-known sites in Kakadu National Park. An adventurous 4WD track can reach them. If the stars align and nature permits, prepare to be awestruck as we embark on a journey to witness the majestic beauty of these breathtaking waterfalls. You can hike to the plunge pool and beach area and cool off in crystal clear waters. The surroundings are lush with monsoon forests and towering rocky escarpments. Embark on this exhilarating journey that demands remarkable strength and grace. While returning from camp, we stop at the Warradjan Aboriginal Cultural Centre. Here, we learn more about the culture, history, flora, fauna, and dreamtime stories associated with the World Heritage Listed National Park

Day 3

Jabiru - Katherine


On day 3, we start our day early and visit Burrungkuy (Nourlangie) Rock, Kunwarddewardde Lookout, Nawurlandja Lookout, and Anbangbang Billabong in the surrounding areas. Here, we can learn about the Aboriginal Rock Art and Dreamtime stories of the local Bininj people. We travel down an off-road 4WD track to Barramundi Gorge (Maguk) Waterfall. We have a picnic lunch at one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Kakadu. The 2km hiking track takes us through rainforest and rocky crossings. You need moderate fitness and agility. After our adventures, we go to Nitmiluk National Park and relax in our accommodation in Katherine. We enjoy authentic Top End hospitality.

Day 4

Katherine - Darwin

Today, we will start early as we head to Nitmiluk National Park Katherine Gorge. You can take a 2-hour boat cruise and tour at your own expense (approximately $120) or hike along the sheer rock walls, ranging from 1.4km to 4.8km round trip. Additionally, there is the option to take a scenic helicopter flight to enjoy the stunning views of Nitmiluk Katherine Gorge, the Arnhem Land escarpment, and the native wildlife. There are various options available for the helicopter flight. Next, we visit Edith Falls for a picnic lunch and the opportunity to relax by the water and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the Top End. Experience four thrilling days of adventure, culminating in a breathtaking return to Darwin just in time for the mesmerising Mindil Beach Markets at sunset. Take a moment to unwind and reflect on the unforgettable journey you’ve embarked upon.

Meals: Breakfast & Lunch

Discover exciting adventures like scenic helicopter flights and the breathtaking Katherine Gorge Cruise (at passengers’ expense). 

Driving Distance: 470km

Embark on an adventurous journey through a spectacular 2km hike, varying grades between 2-4 based on your preferred route. The main pool is easily accessible with a brief walk of low quality. Prepare yourself for an exhilarating adventure towards the upper pools, where you’ll conquer a challenging climb and descent, putting your fitness and agility to the test!

What to Bring


  • Any meals not mentioned in the itinerary.
  • It is strongly advised to have travel insurance.
  • Pre/post-tour hotel transfers
  • Additional personal expenses
  • It is advisable to consider purchasing travel insurance.
Covid Safety Measures

Wildlife Tours is proudly certified as a COVID Safe business, adhering to the rigorous guidelines of Safe Work Australia and proudly displaying the prestigious ATEC COVID Ready badge program. Our procedures address four key areas to help control the risks of coronavirus for both our Tour Guides and our Guests:

  • Ensure proper management of staff and passenger welfare.
  • When feasible, maintain appropriate physical distance.
  • Improving our hygiene and cleaning protocols.
  • Experience peace of mind with our complimentary hand sanitiser and disposable face masks on board all our vehicles.
  • Ensuring that our business carries a fully vaccinated workplace.

Important Notes


To embark on an unforgettable journey with us, kindly adhere to the Government’s (Federal, State, and Territory) COVID entry restrictions, vaccination guidelines, and testing requirements for entering Australia while indulging in our remarkable tour and transport services. Whether you’re vaccinated or not, pack enough RAT tests for each day of your Short Breaks/Extended Tours adventure. Stay prepared and stay safe! If a guest tests positive during their tour by some wild twist of fate, certain accommodation providers may ask for a negative test result before letting them in. In the unfortunate event that guests need to cut their trip short due to COVID-related circumstances, they will be responsible for covering any expenses incurred for relocation. Refunds will not be provided, and guests must claim all costs through travel insurance.


Embark on an unforgettable adventure from the heart of Darwin CBD as you cruise 240 kilometres along the scenic Arnhem Highway. In just 1 hour and 40 minutes, you’ll traverse breathtaking floodplains en route to the captivating Kakadu National Park.

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