Great Ocean Road Trip – Reverse Tour (with lunch)

Experience the 12 Apostles and Great Ocean Road uniquely on this Great Ocean Road Reverse Tour. Embark on an extraordinary adventure with this tour that takes you to the magical Apostles and the mesmerising Shipwreck Coast in the morning instead of the ordinary afternoon. By travelling against the traffic, you’ll be able to avoid the usual tourist crowds and fully appreciate the beauty of this stunning region.


  • World FamousGreat Ocean Road
  • The Twelve Apostles without the crowds are an iconic sight.
  • HistoricGreat Ocean RoadMemorial Arch
  • The Surf Coast features a variety of beaches and seaside towns.
  • Australian wildlife spotting
  • Loch Ard Gorge
  • Make a stop in the coastal town of Apollo Bay.
  • Experience a rainforest walk in the Great Otway National Park.

Pricing options

The Great Ocean Road Reverse Tour includes Lunch, $145 for adults (13+) and $105 for children (0 to 12).
A helicopter flight over the 12 Apostles is available for an additional fee of $155, subject to availability, and can be paid directly on the day.
Not sure about joining a group tour? Let us help you create your exclusive adventure on the breathtaking Great Ocean Road Reverse Tour! You can make a personalised trip or follow our suggested itinerary. Discover the wonders of our charters! Contact our incredible team at or embark on a thrilling journey through our charters page.

Pickup times and locations.

Join us at the Immigration Museum, a captivating destination located at 400 Flinders St, Melbourne, at the vibrant time of 7:35 am – the perfect spot to kick-start your adventure! Hop on the bus on Market Street, just a stone’s throw away from the captivating Immigration Museum!

To ensure a smooth start to your adventure, it’s best to make your grand entrance at the pickup spot a delightful 10 minutes before the scheduled departure time. If your trusty bus happens to be tardy by a few moments, kindly keep your cool and resist the urge to freak out. If your bus has not arrived within 10 minutes of the scheduled departure time, please get in touch with our office at 03 9393 1300.

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The Great Ocean Road Reverse Tour offers a unique and less crowded experience for those who prefer to take the road less travelled. It includes all the itinerary points of the Great Ocean Road and Rainforest tour, including the rainforest.
In the morning, we drive on country roads to the Shipwreck Coast. We arrive around 11 am and explore Port Campbell national park, including the 12 Apostles. There are fewer buses at this end of the road. For Lunch, we have fresh sandwiches at one of the stops. If you prefer to avoid crowds and have Lunch on the go, this tour is for you. We return to Melbourne, taking in the Green and Surf Coast.

Day 1

It is recommended to arrive at the 12 Apostles before the crowds

Visitors can appreciate the impressive Limestone stack formations without many other tourists. This tour is highly recommended for those interested in a helicopter ride over the Apostles. Witnessing the majestic Twelve Apostles basking in the morning sun while strolling along the enchanting boardwalks is an awe-inspiring and unforgettable experience

See Loch Ard Gorge, Island Archway, and Razorback for beautiful views

Additionally, within the National Park, visitors can explore Loch Ard Gorge, famous for being the location of one of Australia’s most renowned shipwrecks. Here, one can learn about the captivating story of Tom and Eva. Visitors can stroll on the beach and feel the sand beneath their feet. Alternatively, they can explore the Gorge and discover the Island Archway and Razorback rock formations.

You can have a delicious lunch at the 12 Apostles lookout if the weather is good

A sandwich lunch is provided on this tour. We bring sandwiches our baker makes in the morning to enjoy while exploring the Shipwreck Coast. This is the main difference between our Regular and Great Ocean Road Reverse Tour. If you prefer a hot lunch in a cafe, you may select the One Day Great Ocean Road and Rainforest Walk Tour. However, if you are OK with having Lunch on the go to avoid crowds, then the Reverse Tour may be more suitable for you.

Otway Ranges Rainforest Walk

We leave as other tour buses arrive. We drive eastward along the Great Ocean Road. We go inland and pass through tall Eucalyptus trees. We reach a patch of Cool, Temperate Rainforest. The trees offer shade and come from when Australia was part of a supercontinent. Prepare to be amazed by the breathtaking transformation of the landscape as we wander through the mystical ambience of towering tree ferns and behold the awe-inspiring “ancient relics” of the majestic Myrtle Beach trees.

Explore Apollo Bay

We stop in Apollo Bay for a quick break. Experience the ultimate getaway at Apollo Bay, the sought-after holiday destination for all Victorians! You will understand why once you see it. You can walk along the beach or browse local shops. Maybe you’ll want to get an ice cream? We’ll stop for about 15-20 minutes.

Drive along the Great Ocean Road for beautiful scenery

The clifftops of Southern Victoria’s coastline are travelled to. The Great Ocean Road is then followed from Apollo Bay. The reason why this road is world-famous becomes clear. In this section, we will talk about the history of the Great Ocean Road. You can also enjoy the stunning sunset ocean views during this journey.

Discover koalas and native birds on an exciting adventure

During this portion of the Great Ocean Road, stops will be made to observe koalas in their natural habitat. While we cannot guarantee their presence, our experienced guides are familiar with the prime locations for spotting them.

The Great Ocean Road Memorial Arch symbolises awe and reverence

Embark along the magnificent Great Ocean Road, where a remarkable monument awaits to commemorate its historic starting point. It is the world’s largest War Memorial. At the iconic Memorial Arch, visitors can take photos and learn about the history of the soldiers who built the road. These soldiers dedicated it to their fallen comrades. After visiting the Memorial Arch, we will continue driving past more stunning views.

Return to Melbourne

As the sun sets and darkness descends, a magical realm awakens with a flurry of wildlife activity, providing the perfect opportunity to spot enchantingly elusive marsupials. There will be an opportunity to buy dinner at a convenient stop on the return journey to Melbourne. The drive back to the city is approximately one hour, arriving around 8.30 pm after covering a long distance in the morning. When taking the Reverse tour of the Great Ocean Road, we are often asked if anything needs to be included. The answer is no. All inclusions of the regular time are covered, with the main difference being Lunch on the go and the absence of crowds. Embark on a thrilling adventure and indulge in the road less travelled with the mesmerising Great Ocean Road Reverse Tour! Wildlife Tours Company offers Yarra Valley Wine Tours. Embark on these unforgettable tours that grant you the golden opportunity to uncover the hidden gems of Australia’s oldest wine region and indulge in the finest wineries the land offers. The terms provide transportation and an experienced tour guide. The guide can take you to the region’s top wineries and assist you in selecting a wine-tasting package. LLunch or dinner at one of Yarra Valley’s highly-rated restaurants is included. Wildlife Tours Company guarantees a memorable experience as you discover the plentiful wineries and vineyards of Yarra Valley. Book your Yarra Valley Wine Tour today and experience this iconic wine region.

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