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The seasons for whale sharks (March to August), humpbacks (July to October), and wildflowers (August to October) are as follows.

Experience the best of Western Australia’s Coral Coast on this 7-day Perth to Exmouth tour. Your guide will take you on a fascinating walk through the unique Pinnacles Desert. Experience the breathtaking beauty of Murchinson Gorge in the enchanting Kalbarri National Park. See wild dolphins swimming past you at Monkey Mia. Stroll along a beach made of white cockle shells at Shark Bay. Spend a whole day snorkelling at Coral Bay. And don’t miss the beautiful Cape Range National Park with its 50kms of breathtaking beaches.


  • Immerse yourself in the surreal beauty of the Pinnacles Desert, where visitors are treated to a captivating stroll amidst breathtaking rock formations.
  • You can visit Kalbarri National Park and admire nature’s windows.
  • You can hike into Murchison Gorge within Kalbarri National Park.
  • Experience a close encounter with the renowned Monkey Mia Bottlenose Dolphins.
  • You can visit a beach covered in white shells at Shark Bay.
  • Enjoy your stay in Coral Bay, where you’ll have ample time for snorkelling and various activities.
  • There is a full day available in Exmouth to explore Turquoise Bay & Cape Range National Park.

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A dormitory with shared rooms and facilities costs $1645 per person for individuals 18 years and older. Parents, our extended touring program best suits children aged six and above. Children under 17 must stay in a private room with an adult or legal guardian.

Discover the wonders of our exclusive private group tours! Reach out to our charters team at charters@gltg.com.au and unlock the secrets of extraordinary experiences! Experience the Exmouth Explorer Tour like never before – no optional activities, just pure adventure! Our terms and conditions may surprise you. We suggest contacting the operator through their websites for booking details and terms and conditions. The weather can affect these tours, which is beyond our control. If a time is cancelled, the operator will provide a full refund. As we are dealing with wildlife, sightings cannot be guaranteed.

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Embark on an unforgettable seven-day journey from Perth to Exmouth, crossing the colourful landscapes of Western Australia’s Coral Coast. It’s not just a trip, it’s a passport to a world full of natural wonders, exotic wildlife and exciting adventure.

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