You're keen to travel the Top End or Red Centre, but are also watching the budget? Here at Wayoutback Australian Safaris we focus on offering affordable (and awesome) tours throughout the year, and from time to time have unbeatable special offers as well. Check out the below tours to see what promotions we currently have on offer!

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3 DAY Uluru Tour (Cockatoo)

Our 3 day Uluru Tour (Ayers Rock) offers a value for money experience in Australia's Red Centre. This is our budget friendly Uluru tour, but still offers a quality Wayoutback experience.   We spend our first night under the Outback stars and within viewing distance of Uluru. The next morning we get up to watch the sunrise over Uluru and the surrounding landscape. It's only a short distance to Uluru, while many tour companies are a 100+ km drive away. We get you up early, but not as early as they do!   On this trip Wayoutback stays at private campsites giving you the...
SAVE $31