Climbing Uluru

To Climb or Not to Climb Uluru

Passengers visiting Uluru (Ayers Rock) should be aware that the local Aboriginal Custodians (Anangu) prefer that visitors don’t climb the Rock, mainly due to cultural reasons as the track to the summit crosses over a sacred Tjukurpa (religious) site. In addition, there are a surprising number of fatalities that have occurred over the years as a result of people climbing Uluru which they feel a responsibility for as the local custodians.

Ultimately the decision to climb or not to climb rests with the individual as there is no mandate on the subject from Anangu or Wayoutback. Our own records from our end-of-tour questionnaires suggest that approximately 95% of Wayoutback customers choose not to climb.

If, however, you do want to climb Uluru then you should be aware there are four conditions whereby the climb is closed by Park Management that can apply ‘without notice’. They are:

  • Temperatures over 36°C
  • Strong winds at the summit
  • Forecast and pending storms
  • Rain