Minimal Impact Wildlife Policy

Wayoutback Australian Safaris (W.A.S.) is committed to ensuring environmental sustainability.

Wildlife is not to be deliberately interfered with and any unintentional interaction is to be kept to an absolute minimum.

A humane attitude towards all animal interactions is to be considered on all occasions.

Unusual or exotic sightings will be reported to the appropriate Land Manager or Land Holder.

Where required to assist with Land Managers or Land Owners, we will conduct ourselves accordingly.

For the purpose of this code, wildlife includes animals, birds, reptiles and insects.

  • Specific activities involving wildlife are not a feature of the tours operated by W.A.S.. Observance of Wildlife is a spontaneous event that arises as opportunity presents itself. As such all interaction is a bonus – remember the occasion with film, photo or memory only.
  • Any observance of Wildlife is to be conducted from a safe distance so as to ensure no interference to their natural behaviour.
  • Guides and visitors are not permitted to handle any wildlife under normal circumstances.
  • Wildlife are not to be intimidated, chased or harassed.
  • Feeding of Wildlife is prohibited.
  • Spotlighting of nocturnal creatures/animals is not to be encouraged.
  • Above all, adhere to the direction of your guide/host or wildlife conservation representative – some of our creatures have nasty reputations – advice offered is designed to impart knowledge, not to scare you.
  • In general the best part of interaction is to avoid and not promote confrontation.