Bruny Island

Bruny Island is an island off the south-eastern coast from which it is separated by the D’Entrecasteaux Channel. Storm Bay is located to the island's northeast. Both the island and the channel are named after French explorer Bruni d'Entrecasteaux. Its traditional Aboriginal name was Alonnah Lunawanna, which survives as the name of two island settlements, Alonnah and Lunawanna.

Being home to the South Bruny National Park, tourism on the island centres around the showcase of its natural assets.

The Cape Bruny Lighthouse (1838) is an iconic Australian lighthouse and was the oldest continuous lighthouse under operation by the Commonwealth. Now out of service, it has been transferred to the Tasmanian Government and is part of the South Bruny National Park.

There are a growing number of businesses on the island including a cheese factory, oyster farm, vineyard, smokehouse, lighthouse, museum, art gallery and cafes.