Boggy Hole

Boggy Hole, in spite of its unromantic name, is one place where the destination is as good as the journey to it. After rain this permanent waterhole on the Finke River can be up to 2km long. The best way to reach Boggy Hole is from the Ernest Giles Highway. The winding track either follows or forms part of the Finke River bed.

The waterhole is set against a beautiful red rock wall which lights up spectacularly at sunset. On the other side of the waterhole are the remains of a police camp. This was once home to the infamous aboriginal slayer, Mounted Constable W H Willshire. It was from here that he launched a “punitive attack” on an innocent aboriginal group after one of his Aboriginal “native constables” was speared in a tribal payback for murders committed by him.

The attack led to a campaign by Justice of the Peace, Gillen, to have Willshire brought to justice. He was however acquitted in a court in Pt Augusta with the support of like minded pastoralists from Central Australia.