Minimal Impact and Cultural Code

Our regions are dotted with National Parks, Conservation Reserves , lands under Joint Management or Private Lands. Annual visitation to these locations exceeds 3 million people per annum – and it’s increasing! This growing “footprint” has an enormous impact on what is recognised as some of the most fragile environments on the planet.

Our tours traverse many regions including traditional lands to many indigenous communities. The Traditional Owners (T.O) wish you to enjoy the experience and ask you to adhere to some guidelines as to ensure Respect of Culture (ROC) and sustainability of the important and sensitive locations.

Many people mistakenly believe the culture and way of life of the Aborigine to be similar to that of us white fellas. This could not be further from the truth. Our permitted access to locations is an ultimate compliment bestowed upon all visitors. Respect the opportunity !

  • Always remain on the designated tracks and paths.
  • Don’t disturb the flora/fauna – don’t pick the flowers or break tree limbs to use as fly swats.
  • Take only photos (where permitted) and leave only footprints. Do not photograph any person without approval.
  • Take all your rubbish with you.
  • Respect all culturally sensitive (sacred) sites by not entering them or photographing them.
  • Respect all Art Sites by not touching or interfering with the painting in any way.
  • Do not remove anything (rock, flowers, etc.) from any Parks. Some areas are considered “bad luck” should you ignore this respect.
  • Respect the need of the TO’s to request and have occasional exclusive access of certain sites. This can be with minimal warning. Culture and Respect may have no timing. Locations such as Uluru contain strong tjukurpa, e.g. “Nganana Tatintja Wiya” – “We Never Climb”.
  • Indigenous Tjukurpa succumbs to great sadness when a person dies or is hurt whilst on their lands
  • All locations are significant to the traditional activities or beliefs. Partake the story and its significance. Respect the spiritual, cultural, ceremonial and life existence significance to all of the indigenous peoples of Australia. 

Activity at certain locations may be restricted or excluded by Joint Management Partners (Parks Australia or Regional Parks Offices) under OH&S (Occupational Health and Safety) obligations. These can be at short notice without prior warning. We must be empathetic to these requests.