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4 Day Wallaby Dreaming Tour

We recently took the 4 day Wallaby Dreaming Tour. Our guide was Elise. I just wanted to let you know that she is absolutely priceless! We were blown away by her knowledge of the Red Centre, the Aboriginal culture and nature. And then there was her patience, enormous responsibility, her excellent driving the 4WD truck and her fantastic sense of humour. Her playing the violin in the morning is an unforgettable memory. I have rarely seen someone work so hard and for such long hours and stay so focused. She truly made a difference and made it into an unforgettable experience. So thank you Elise!

3 Day Dragonfly Dreaming Tour

We recently did the Dragonfly Dreaming Kakadu Tour with Ange and Kat as tour guides. Just wanted to thank you for an awesome tour that ticked all the right boxes. Most noteworthy was both the guides deep respect for the First Australians and Ange's easy going manner and sense of humour. We have already and will continue to pass on your recommendation. Cheers, Jeff and Bec 

3 Day Cockatoo Dreaming Tour

I can't speak highly enough of this tour company! I took my mother on your Cockatoo dreaming trip on the 22nd March 2016 and we both had the best 3 days out on the road with you! The itinerary was spot on. I really liked the order and pace of each day and felt like you'd really tried to make the most of the time we had. The campsites were great, far more comfortable than either of us had been envisioning, as was the food, the transport and all other aspects.

However, what really made our trip was our tour guide, Jowel, whom is a true credit to your company, He worked so hard for the entire time to ensure that everything was organised, comfortable and the easiest it possibly could be for us. Moreover, his quirky personality, country music and knowledge and stories of the area made the entire experience so much more enjoyable. Being a travel agent, I come across many tour guides and instructors in the industry and have yet to meet another guide as well suited and credible to his job as
this man was. Thank you so much for the amazing trip we had and I will be sure to recommend you to many people in the future! - Orla

3 Day Cockatoo Dreaming Tour

I just recently finished a 10 day outback Safari with you guys.

I started the tour on the 8.4.16 in Alice Spings to Uluru and to Darwin. I just wanted to thank you guys from Wayoutback for offering and organising such a great tour.

I never felt as if something was unprepared or not thought of. You guys probably often hear people saying things like: "Oh wow, Tomato and lettuce.. Again!" I loved it! Quick and easy lunches, never wasted any time, that always gave us the chance to keep driving to our next place.

I can't wait to come back and book another tour with you guys, and I really was never the biggest fan of guided tours, but this trip was just amazing, so - Thank you.

I also enjoyed having three different tour guides for the three different areas of the tour, each was set for their tour and could always answer our questions. And trust me, I have no idea how your tour guides do it, my group was def not easy to crack at times, but neither Ash, Leigh or Sam let that get in the way of having fun and showing those who were interested what they had to say and to show! I felt like they were always giving it their best.

On the second part of the trip, from Alice up to Darwin, I had Leigh as a tour guide.

You guys can be proud to have such a knowledgable and outgoing tour guide as part of your crew. There was never a dull moment, never a question unanswered.

Leigh always went out of his way to show us as much as possible, to give the group the best and fullest experience possible. He always went that extra mile it seemed. It still baffles me, just how much he knows about the Outback, Australia or basically anything you can think of.

I'm more than thankful for all the things I've come to learn and the kind, friendly and most importantly "real" people I have met from Wayoutback. It surprised me, but I was truly sad that those 10 days went by so quick, it was a trip and experience I really cherish.

Cheers Team Wayoutback!

Kind Regards,


3 Day Cockatoo Dreaming Tour 

I would like to take the time to write and tell you how impressed I was with my recent trip with you and in particular acknowledge what a credit your staff are to Wayoutback!

With the help of Ty, I took my mother out on your Cockatoo Dreaming trip on the 22nd March 2016. Being an agent, I had researched into the many companies which cover this route and came across yours as something I definitely wanted to try as I had heard little about your trip before; however noticed that it was the most highly rated. I am so glad that I choose to travel with you and have fed back to my many colleagues who work for Base and Nomads to book as many people as they can onto your trip!

Both my mother and myself had the best time out with you guys. The itinerary was perfect, saving the best parts to the later days. The food was much better than I had been expecting and the camp sites and equipment far exceeded my expectations. I must admit I had been sceptical about bringing my mother to camp in swags however she claimed that she was so glad she had done the camping and that it was her favourite experience in the month she was out here.

Most notable was the hard work and patience that Jowel put into the trip. I have met many tour guides whilst working in the industry but none that were so credible to the company as he was. He always kept up his energy and spirits to ensure that all members of the trip were having a good time, was attentive but aloof enough to give everyone their own time and space and his knowledge of the history and respect for the land and culture really brought the more authentic feel to the trip. Whilst I know that this is part of the job of all tour guides, you can not easily find the same passion and care for each trip as he portrayed. It felt genuine and authentic which was so important for this style of trip. My mum raved on about how good a guide he was for the next 3 weeks she was in Australia (and has probably told everyone back in Ireland too!! )

Thank you so so much for making my experience of the Red Centre so memorable. I know how often thanks goes unsaid in the industry but I have been meaning for a while to write and tell you how impressed I was and I sincerely hope you all the very best as the winter rolls in.

As afore said, I have passed on my recommendation to my company along with leaving you a new trip advisor review and if you need any further help for promoting your company or any contacts, just let me know!

Kind regards,


Wayoutback Private Uluru (Ayers Rock) Charter

We really loved our time in the Red Centre. Deon was very well prepared, thoughtful, helpful, knowledgable, inspired confidence, and really enjoys being with people. Everything was really well done and went off without a hitch ... I have camped some, which means I especially appreciate how much goes into making everything look easy! And the meals were great throughout.


I really don't think there was anything that wasn't a highlight - we loved circumnavigating Uluru (if only we'd had more time!), the Sounds of Silence dinner (where we also lucked out with great dinner companions), the Field of Lights, Kata Tjuta including the walk into the Wind canyon, Kings Creek Station (Ava loved talking to Charlie, the bird), all of the Kings Canyon walk, the stops along the West McDonnell ranges - of these, I maybe liked Ormiston Gorge the most, and Melissa liked Simpson's Gap - for the shaded path in the afternoon as well as getting to see a couple of rock wallabies.

Alice Springs was great as well - we really enjoyed dinner at Bojangles, breakfast at the little cafe at the botanical garden, our stop at the reptile center, and exploring some of the shopping area in town along with the Red Kangaroo bookstore. (But I think I agree with the guidebooks that the real attractions are outside the town!)

Let me know of any other ways I can help, and thanks again for all of your help in planning and organizing our time!

Best, Steve

Wayoutback Private Uluru (Ayers Rock) Charter

Hi Carolyn

Thanks for your email. I think it's fair to say the whole family had a very memorable experience. Dan was a fantastic guide and contributed enormously to the success of the whole venture. My son, Jono, worshipped him and learned an enormous amount from him.

Simple stuff like making "real" toast over the fire, sleeping in swags, collecting firewood brought lots of satisfaction to the kids. I think they also got a sense of accomplishment from completing walks like Kings Canyon Rim Walk. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend the trip (and Dan) to our friends.

Three nights camping was a good (and maximal) amount for the Mums. Pauline was a real trooper as she came down with NT flu on the first night of the trip and was relying on Nurofen and Panadol to keep going. There was, of course, euphoria to return to the privilege of running water and electricity at Yulara. But we wouldn't have experienced that elation without the camping!

In terms of timing, days were pretty full. Maybe a slightly less ambitious schedule with under 8s is good as they generally need to be fed and into bed by 8 pm. Having said that, ours coped really well.

The adults loved Ormiston Gorge on Day 1 and wished we could have had a bit longer there. But can't see anywhere else we could have sacrificed on Day 1 to spend longer. The drive into Palm Valley was a highlight. And the dingo visit and swag scorpion.


The trip made a huge impression on Jono. He tells everyone he meets how much he loved Dan, the camping and the walking. He still doesn't know but he ate more vegetables in one sitting than he's ever consumed before under the guise of butter chicken. (Pauline and I are considering setting up a dimly lit night BBQ area to improve the veggie input of the 7 year olds). On return home, Jono spent his pocket money on a water carrying backpack and now checks most locations for echo of Cooeee. He wants to be mini Dan.

I have rattled on and on but our family is very grateful! I think the trip will stick around in our collective memories for a long time. Thanks again for your assistance organising the trip, please pass on our thanks to Dan and best wishes,

Sally B

3 Day Dragonfly Dreaming Tour

Just a note to say a huge THANK YOU for the most wonderful 3 days in Kakadu - we had an absolute ball, what a great adventure it was. The boys were in there element, was so good to get them out of the city and into the outback.

I have to mention your amazing guide Jorja, she was SUPERB; so warm, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and engaging - honestly one of the best tour guides have ever had the pleasure to tag along with. I imagine many a traveller, both young and old, has looked at her with awe, we certainly did - what a terrific role model, she’s a credit to you and your business.

10/10 for Wayoutback, Jorja and YOU!

With my very best wishes, as always

Fran Xx

Litchfield National Park Tour

Just a short email to say thank you for a fantastic trip yesterday! We really enjoyed the visit to Litchfield National Park. Please also pass on our comments to Steph our tour guide, she was fun to be with, knowledgeable and took time to speak to everyone - a creadit to your company!


Steve and Gill G., United Kingdom

Alice Springs to Darwin Adventure Tour

Hi, I just have a few things I want to say about your tours I have just been on. Firstly Alice Springs to Darwin. My tour guide was Kat and she was absolutely fantastic. She has such a great way of making everyone feel relaxed and gets everyone excited (even one member who didn't speak english). You can tell she is so passionate about her job and is so knowledgeable. We had such fun and really got to know everywhere she was showing us. She is a fantastic guide, and does a wonderful job. She was willing to do anything for us, and it was amazing to see such enthusiasm. I just want to say a massive thank you for an amazing time.

Next was Kiwi Kate who did our tour to Kakadu. She knew where to find the animals, and really showed her knowledge on anything she came across with a wonderful excitement, and love for where she was working. She got the group going and was so focused on the entire group, making sure that we all knew what was next, and everyone was good. She was also excited about the seasons to come and to see the changes. She also took me exploring at night around the camp to see what animals we could find. It was amazing to be on her tour and I would like to say a massive thank you to her too. Without them, I believe my experience from those 2 tours wouldn't have been as amazing as they were. Thank you for making my holiday amazing!

Katherine D

Litchfield National Park Tour

Dear Don, My wife and I have just returned from Darwin and the Ghan trip to Adelaide. On 16/10/17 we took a bus tour with your company from Darwin to Litchfield Park. Our driver and tour guide was Joey. We had a great day with great experiences thanks to Joey who was an excellent driver, good commentator with local knowledge, showed good care for all of our group and had and hope still has a great sense of humour. He wasn't a bad chef either!

Thank you to Wayoutback and please pass on our sentiments to Joey.

Kind regards,

Roger D

Litchfield National Park Tour

Hello Clare,

We are back from our trip Goanna Dreaming. It has been a delightful holiday and a great adventure. It was what I had dreamed for.I thank Hayden and David and the cook again and again for their care, skills, knowledge and organisation, and attention to detail. They made the journey an extraordinary experience.

Kind regards,

Mia K

Occasionally, our guests enjoy their tour experience so much they decide to write poems about our guides! Here's some prose written for Hayden by a very happy guest. 

The top end is harsh, the state can be cruel
Where nature is fierce and she doesn't bend rules

These days and these nights that we've all spent together
Have made a strong bond as tough as old leather

You've laid on our meals in locations plenty
You've filled us all up, no bellies left empty

In camp you're so busy, you've kept us all straight
With only a sigh when we kept making you late

You're a special bloke of that we're sure
All the groups you take out and the way you endure

You share all your knowledge and you're quick with a smile
You're warm and hard working, it stands out a mile

This small token is for all that you've done on this trip
You've been a great legend shooting straight from the hip

As we go our own ways and the group falls apart
Be sure in the knowledge, you're right there in our hearts.