Recycling Policy

The Northern Territory and South Australia do have a Re-Cycling Policy or Plant in place.

Wayoutback Australian Safaris (W.A.S) in consultation with Local Government commenced recycling beverage containers in 2008.

W.A.S. will continue to be a voice advocating expansion of Recycling opportunities to business.

  • All Cardboard, Paper, Plastic and Foam are recycled on a fortnightly basis.
  • All Aluminium, PET, Cardboard and Glass deposit labelled drink containers are recycled.
  • All Engine Fluids, Transmission Oil, Belts, Tyres, Batteries are recycled.  

At our remote area campsites recycle receptacles are located for the depositing of items covered in the above areas. Notices at our Campsites clearly define type and location.

Receptacles are within our vehicles. Please dispose of your waste appropriately.

Other items not incorporated in the above are to be dealt with in accordance to the companies ‘Minimal Impact – Waste Code’.