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Hello there,

In september I had the pleasure of doing the 10 day trip from Darwin to Alice (starting 18 september 2013) I had a fantastic trip and can actually say that the Northern Territory stole my heart. I want to thank Wayoutback, and most of all the guides Luke (Kakadu & Litchfield) and Narelle (both Darwin to Alice and Uluru etc). Luke did a great job and I had lots of fun with Narelle. The roadtrip from Darwin to Alice can easily be a boring one, because of the amount of hours you spent in the bus. But because of Narelles interaction with the group (we had a great small group) and her high energy level & enthusiasm she made it an unforgettable one.

Afther the roadtrip our group kind of split up. Most of us did a trip to Uluru & Kings Canyon - me with Wayoutback (with Narelle again), others with other organisations, But we kept on meeting each other at each stop, which was hilarious. This ended up in the picture I enclosed with this e-mail. For me, it captures the fun we had.

So, thank you again and maybe until a next trip!

Martine van der Kwaak

The Netherlands

Added 16 Oct 2013

Dear Way Out Back, 

I have recently returned from one of your five day Kangaroo Dreaming tours and thought I would mail you and tell you what I thought of the trip. 

I must start by saying that from the outset I was thoroughly impressed with Nelson, what a truck. Even the corrugation on the dirt roads seemed a breeze. I think I was blessed to be on a trip where everyone was friendly and was looking to get the best experience possible, this made for a great atmosphere and I think I have made some life long friends. 

The food was outstanding and being a big lad I was glad to get plenty of it. 

Now I must move on to our host, Annabelle. I can not sing her praises highly enough. What a wonderful person, nothing was too much trouble for her, she has an impeccable knowledge of everything on the tour. I think she made the trip one of the most memorable experiences I have ever had. I would be grateful if you would pass on my praise to Annabelle. 

If ever I am heading back to The Red Centre you will be first on my list for a visit. 

Yours Sincerely, 
John A Bowden

Added 22/5/12

Dear Folks at Wayoutback,    

Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed my 5day Outback Safari in April despite the fact that I had to leave after 4 days due to a medical situation. Yep, I was unhappy at times (it was far too cold) but it was still the best way I could have spent my brief annual leave and I would do it again and again and again. I cannot wait for the opportunity to travel with Wayoutback again (may be the MacDonnell ranges next time) and will definitely recommend to all of my friends in the UK and US that the only way to see the Outback is going WayOutback!    

p.s: Whatever you paying Paul is not enough! Make sure he is happy employee - he is irreplacable. Paul is a superguide,a human perpetuum mobile, always smiling, looking after others whilst being constantly on the move. Yet, he seems to be doing it effortlessly. (Tell us, normal folks the secret – pleaseeeee) And he plays the best country music I have ever listened to! His love and appreciation for nature is setting him to be a true role model to all of us.

Huge thank you

Added 22/5 12           

Dear Paul and Belinda, 

Our 5 Day Uluru - Red Centre Safari tour this past week (April 2nd - 7th) was absolutely amazing. All 19 of us American International and Catalonia students will never forget what an amazing time we had. Between the hike to Mt. Sonder to swimming in the gorges to preparing meals and camp to seeing some of the most spectacular views that only the Outback can bring, we can honestly say we are all grateful that you two were our tour guides. Belinda was like a big sister to us all and Paul was such a fun and caring guy. They really adapted to working with a large group of students from all over and I can honestly say on behalf of everyone that we had an experience of a lifetime. 

Thank You SO much! 


Added 19/4/12


Thanks for an unforgettable tour to Uluru, Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyon and a big thank to Adam – simply the best guide – for being so patient with us. Not easy to learn a viking-family from Sweden to survive without snow and ice in the desert. One of our best experience ever! We also want to thank our new friends from Australia and Canada for a very nice company during the tour. 

The Pedersens

Added 19/4/12

Dear Folks at Wayoutback. 

We booked a 3-day tour starting on the 16th dec. 2011 from Alice Springs. We found Wayoutback through a recommendation through a friend, who had done the same tour a year before. Honestly, we didn't know what to expect at first, except for sleeping in a swag. 

From the first minute our guide Adam made us feel great and welcome. His energy and enthusiasm had us hooked right away and there were lots of interesting stories he had to tell. I certainly won't forget Mt. Conner, which the Aboriginals were kind enough to name after me (Attila) ;-) 

The idea of not doing the whole tour the same way round as all the others proved to be a great idea. We got to see Uluru, Kata Tjuta and Watarrka without the masses on our backs and altogether got great impressions and experiences out of it, including the desert thunder storm during our first night stay. It got us a little wet, but even more astonished. 

Basically, if one expects the morning tea served to the bedside, then this tour is absolutely not for that person. But if enjoying a great kangaroo stew cooked on an open fire and sleeping under the stars is your cup of tea, then go with Wayoutback. We would do it again. And again. 

Also, with a little bit of snake phobia involved (read: a lot) there is nothing to fear of at night, as Wayoutback not only provided a small tent for protection, but our guide Adam explained to us how they live and what the prey on, which took away a lot of our insecurities. 

Bottomline is: This was one of our best chapters during our 4-week stay in Australia and we can only recommend Wayoutback to anyone, who wants to experience the red center off the beaten path. 

The one thing we haven't figured out; How on earth do all these supplies fit into that little compartment in the back of the bus? :-) 

Manuela & Attila 

Added 22/2/12


3 weeks ago we got back home (Belgium) after spending 6 fabulous weeks in Australia. One of our absolute highlights during our travel was the 5 days outback! We started our 5 day tour on 27th December. 

We would recommend everybody who wants to visit the Red Centre to do this trip, because it's an experience you will never forget. 

Also a special thanks to our guide Paul, who is an amazing guy. Thanks Paul for the great time we had and for sharing your music and knowledge with us J 

Best regards 

Kathleen & Bert 

Added 8/2/12

We have just returned to our home in Western Australia after a week in Alice Springs during which we participated in Wayoutback Tour's three day safari to Uluru, Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyon.
We would like to express our appreciation for the tour, which we thoroughly enjoyed.  This was very much due to Paul our guide/driver/cook and general organiser.  

We were surprised to see that a group of 16 people only had one person responsible for the entire trip, making for very long days and a lot of responsibility for the guide. However, Paul performed marvellously and again we would like to pass on our thanks to him.

The attached photo for your archives is of Paul demonstrating the toilet facilities at Kings Canyon Cattle Station.

Best wishes
Niall & Elspeth Weatherstone

Added 18/1/12

Dear Esther

I just wanted to write a brief note to thank you for arranging our booking and making our visit to Australia extra special. We did the 3 day starting on 27th December.

Our kids absolutely loved it as you predicted and will cherish the memories forever. They found the walking challenging but so did most of the adults, in fact the kids were often at the front of the group and leading the way rather then being left behind.

The other reason for writing is to ask you pass on our comments about our guide Paul to your management team. Paul was an absolute superstar and a real asset to your team. He was knowledgeable, professional, calm, good company and just a nice fella to spend some time with. He was positive and enthusiastic from dawn 'til bedtime and he made everyone in the group feel welcome and included.

There was one of our fellow travellers on the group who may have made some negative comments in the feedback correspondence but I would be very pleased to offer an alternative and unbiased input/view if this would be helpful..

So thank you again and please let me know if you would like any testimonials or recommendations to future customers.

Best regards...

Added 18/1/12

Hi there!

I was recently on a 3D 4WD Ayer's Rock tour with your company, along with 3 other friends. This was from the 23rd to the 25th of September. Our tour guides were Adam and David. along with Chewy our 4WD (hopefully with a brand new back window!). We had nothing but praises for our tour guides and they made the journey very enjoyable for our small group of 7 tourists.

(10 points for guessing what it reads...hint; it's big and red!!)

Regrettably we forgot to ask the tour guides for their emails, as we took quite a few photos with them (and of them too!). I was wondering if you could help pass on these photos. Hopefully they are not too big! Thanks so much for the brilliant experience! :) 

Yue Gong

Added 14/10/11


We had a great time on the tour thanks. The walks were the right level and the drives were broken up well, plenty of rest/food stops. The food was great and the campsite facilities were surprisingly good.

What really made the tour for all of us in the group was the guide, Katie. Smart, funny and extremely capable, she is a true polymath, good at everything she does from changing a tyre to discussing literature with a group member. Please pass on our sincere thanks to her.

Whatever you are paying this woman, it is not enough.


Helen & Randall

Added 14/10/11


Last summer (july 11) we went with Katie on this great tour, we were very impressed. The weather was bad, it rained and it was cold, but Katie was our sunshine! I have this picture of her, making a 'Dutch oven'. 

We were for over 5 weeks in Australia, but these days were very very memorable! 

Lilian (and Arjan, Rob and Sophia)

Added 14/10/11

Hello Esther!

I found my feedback sheet in my daypack...therefore via email: I had a great time, Annabelle was well informed, caring, safe driving and great fun! the tour was fantastic (personally, I would have liked to stay right at the rock -Uluru- for sunset but the others not, I guess..) food was good, walks great, swags good and clean.

thanks a million! :)

Nele with Ada

Added 7/9/11

Dear Sir/Madam, 

My husband and I recently did the 5-day Kangaroo Dreaming tour. 

We loved every moment of the trip. It was marvellous. 

In particular we'd like to pay tribute to the remarkable Annabelle Lewis. 
What a woman! Brilliant guide -- knowledgeable, patient, caring and very 
funny. Excellent driver, fire maker, story teller and cook. 

On that sort of tour the guide makes or breaks it. Annabelle just got 
everything right. She's a gem. It's not easy managing a disparate group, but 
she did so with finesse. 

Thanks for the great experience. And please pass on our sincere compliments 
to Annabelle. 

P & U
Blue Mountains

Added 7/9/11

Dear Annabelle alias "sista one",
feel free to forward this to anyone you wish. Your boss. Your mom. Whoever.
Klaus alias "snow white"
To whom it may concern,
I had the pleasure to be a (paying) guest on the 5-day tour to the Red Centre with Wayoutback Desert Safaris from the 16th until the 20th of August 2011. Wayoutback Desert Safaris has been recommended to me by a highly respected tour guide from Darwin. Although higher priced than other offers I was in no doubt about my choice.
Our guide, driver, cook and general care taker on the tour was Annabelle. She was seconded by Loraine who aims to become a tour guide herself.
Before departing back towards Alice Spring on late afternoon of the last day we were handed the usual tour evaluation and feedback questionaire. I remember answering most of the questions with satisfactory "excellent" or "good" marks. I confused myself on never selecting the "what a rippa" category. Sincerely? I haven't got a clue what "what a rippa" stands for. From its position on the form I guessed it to be better than "excellent".
Well, on overall the experience of these 5 days definitively deserves the "what a rippa" category. I had so much fun and such a great time that I miss words to describe the value the experience had for me. And not only for me. I could easely tell how my co-travellers were positively affected as well.
The places visited and the information provided were a source of great inspiration for me. The cultural background (Aboriginal art, living, sites, environment, wisdom and spirituality) was greatly appreciated and discussed intensively amongst us. But also the time spent on the road, collecting fire wood, preparing food, around camp fires, cleaning up, etc. was full of excitement and joy.

The time between sunset and sunrise was always pretty cold. The low temperature in the morning would get me awake before sunrise. Still, on every day I looked forward to get into "my" swag for another night under the milky way.
I feel the questions on the questionaire covered organisational or technical issues. This might explain my choices outside the "what a rippa" category. These issues were not of high importance to me. Yes, e.g. the 4WD truck would have deserved "what a rippa" if wings came out of its side and Annabelle had us taken flying through Glen Helen Gorge Gap. :-) Well, technology is not there yet and I was told by Annabelle to go swimming instead. I got into the coolish water on late afternoon and had the spectacular rocky gap for myself exclusively. None to be shared with. I can tell you the experience lifted my spirits into higher levels than a flying truck or helicopter could have taken us.
Personally, the whole tour experience had such a positive - learning and healing - effect that you could easily call it a medical treatment. It is better than any doctors, psychologist, psychiatrists or priests that I have consulted in the recent past.
Yeah, that is it. Almost. I want to finish with a big "thank you" towards Annabelle and Loraine. We were not always easy and they have been patient, experienced and loveable guides and companions. Yes, they deserve a doubling pay raise. :-) The trip was and is worth every cent.
Best regards,
Klaus Reller
Next time I want the flying truck. No "what a rippa" otherwise. :-) Good luck.

Added 25/8/11


We went on a 5-days tour starting Tuesday July 12th. On our first day we were assisted by a lot of rain. But David learned us that this wasn’t a burden. In fact, it was magical in a different way because we saw beautiful waterfalls at Uluru. Even the next hours when we were all soaked, it didn’t even matter then. We got to know the group better and we were all determined to make the best of it. 

The next days David amazed us in a lot of ways. Being helpful, understanding, passionate about nature,... even the way that he told (dreamtime) stories made everyone quiet (even Thi who liked talking a lot ;) 

The food that he made was incredible! So good that we were all asking for cooking-lessons! 

David was the glue that brought everyone together and made us feel very special as a group. But I’m sure that he has the gift of making every group feeling like a dreamteam. 

We were very fortunate with a group like ours. Where strangers quickly changed into friends. 

During those five days. We all saw the beauty of the red centre, a few shooting stars and sometimes mystical campsites. 

Our Outback adventure was breathtaking in a lot of ways! 

All the other tours we did were nothing (!!) compared to what we did and saw in the outback. 

So thank you a lot for those amazing days and awesome tour and tour guide!! 

Jeroen De Meester

Added 25/8/11

Dear Esther
Sorry it's taken me a couple of days to get this off to you and the wonderful team at Wayoutback Tours. We returned to Sydney last Wednesday and this is the first chance I've had to sit down and tell you all that we wanted to say.
We were part of the 5 -day tour that left Alice Springs on Thursday, July 28th, with our guide David. From the moment we joined the tour and were on our way to Uluru, until we were dropped off back at our resort, we have nothing but wonderful memories and positive things to say about the whole tour.
We had a full truck with 14 other "campers",including 4 children, and although there were only four people with English as their first language we all became quite good friends by the end of the 5 days.
The scenery and travel were spectacular, the places we visited, like Kata Tjuta and Watarrka were of awesome beauty, and we were always comfortable on the truck, even after 3 or 4 hours driving.
David was incredible as a guide, driver, cook and fellow camper. We still can't believe that he could "rustle up" such tasty meals, at the end of some very long days, over an open fire, and nothing ever stuck to the bottom of the pots or burnt! He also had the arduous task of carrying our morning tea on our long walks, but he never complained or made a fuss about it. He also made me a special "birthday damper" one night, which was a nice and very appreciated extra touch! His knowledge of local Dreamtime stories and flora made the trip even more interesting. He is a great asset to Wayoutback tours. Please pass on our thanks to him again.
It will be a trip long-remembered, and with great fondness, celebrating my 60th and I couldn't have asked for better. Sleeping under the incredible skies at night was a bonus. I never knew you could see so many "shooting stars" in 1 night!
Thank you again for a wonderful trip, with a wonderful guide.
Bob and Kathi Wirth

Added 9/8/11

I have a list of thank yous and congratulations. 
Despite the initial misery induced by incessant rain (about 36 hours) and the cold cold cold that goes with that, and once I had relaxed into letting go of trying to solve problems that cannot be solved (the weather!), I totally enjoyed the Wayoutback experience on the 5-day tour.  And…….we did get to see Uluru covered in water and waterfalls – a definite plus.  I’ll have to come back another time to see Uluru in dry conditions and see if it actually is red.  I was also delighted/relieved to discover that inside the swag was very cosy and warm and made even the coldest cold go away.  Big thankyou.
I was fortunate to be part of a group that ‘clicked’ from the first night – probably from the first wood-gathering stop late morning on the way to Yilara.  Everyone (including the 11yr old and the 14 yr olds) willingly participated in all camp activities and treks, was excited and delighted with everything we saw and made the 5 days a party.  To say we had a good time is a massive understatement. Thankyou.
You probably gathered from the feedback forms that we all thought David Fraser did an amazing (‘awesome’ was the word used by the group) job.  For a 26 yr old to have so much passions for the environment, maturity, leadership strength and ability to carry responsibility is rare.  I didn’t meet any of your other tour leaders, but if David is typical, you are guaranteed a lot business from happy customers recommending you.  Really big congratulations and thankyou.
I was much appreciative of the catering for my gluten-intolerance and also that David was constantly aware and had catered for that.  His damper look and smelled wonderful and I was a bit sad to miss out on that as everyone did much “yum yumming”.  (I didn’t mind as my special packet of gluten free choccy biccies lasted the 5 days.  More praise to the cook.)  Thankyou again.
Nikki Sullivan (Perth W.A.)
NB:  David & my son went to the same high school.  What the?  Not at the same time, but nearly.

Added 2/8/11

Hi. My name is Kenny Brown and I recently enjoyed the 3 day uluru tour with you guide David, on the first weekend of july. While the trip itself was very good, i felt it was David that made it extra top notch. He displayed competence, professionalism and humor on a regular basis. I made him aware of my Native American ancestry and he in turn was on alert to point out things he thought would specifically interest me. He made sure that i was aware of the wildlife we encountered, and my best pictures all occured after he pointed things out that i would have missed. His knowledge and cultural sensitivity were on display and much appreciated by me. I now have a bit of knowledge about central Australia and the Aboriganal people which i didn't previously have. And perhaps the best of all were the intangibles, like how well the entire group (mostly Aussies) got along. There was many a tear shed, too many to count, all caused by laughter. I think it was David, making us all at ease, who was responsible for the chemistry. We encountered other tour groups from other companies, and i think one from yours, on the trip. We laughed at the misfortune of those stuck with the wrong tour company (embarrasing vehicles, ignorant guides) and we recognized our fortune that David suited us better than the other guide would have. I have already sent emails to my friends, telling of your company, and encouraging them to request David if they book. I made permanent friends on that trip. And I am sure mine will not be the only letter of praise your company, and David, will receive. 

Thank you.

Added 27/7/11

Dear Way Out back 

Just wanted to let you know that we had a great time on our recent trip with Dave.  It was great fun and we saw some amazing sights.  The best part was when we went way off the beaten track and got a true sense of being in the outback.  Dave was a great guide and looked after us all very well.  It was reassuring to know we were in such good hands.  We have already recommended 
you to our friends. 

Thank you for a memorable holiday. 

Best wishes 
Wendy Young

Added 27/7/11

Hi All,

Thank you so much for all you did to shuffle me numerous times & finally get me out to the rock. It was lucky for me that I chose wayoutback as the tour company because you actually had no obligation to change my tour dates & I realise & appreciate that you went above & beyond what would be considered a courtesy to a client.  It was an amazing experience & I thoroughly enjoyed it. Katie is professional, bright, bubbly & an extremely knowledgeable guide as I am sure you are aware. The catering for my gluten allergy was well done & the second nights camp, away from the other tours was great. I would be happy to recommend your company to anybody.

Annette Beechey

Added 13/7/11

Hello Wayoutback team 

I write to thank you for a fantastic trip outback in April. Seona is a wonderful guide - capable, knowledgeable, patient, and with a great sense of humour and ability to organise. Calling her a guide actually seems somewhat inadequate. Camp commandant; Head cook; Director of operations; Vehicle & Supply Manager; Red Centre Encyclopedia; Fire captain; Queen? All are inadequate to   
describe Seona. 

The places we visited were awesome, especially those away from the crowds. The food, whilst not gourmet, was good - the best campfire cooking I can imagine. And fellow travellers were .... simply the best. I feel I have some new old friends. The whole trip was more than I could have hoped for (including more mice than I had hoped for, on that one night...) 

I will recommend this trip highly to anyone who will listen! Thanks again 


Added 7/6/112

Sophie and I went on your 5 day tour commencing 10 May. We had a wonderful trip ,made all the better by our friendly, knowledgeable and energetic tour guide Katie. She never stopped. Her driving skills were first class.Thanks Katie for a memorable trip to the centre of Australia.


Added 1 6/11

To Belinda 

Thank you for one of the most uplifting and rewarding adventure l have ever put my missus through, I am so thankful for your professional and energetic guidance Belinda you are truly a tonic .

I have seen the outback and been to special places that i would have never had the opportunity to witness if not for your keen eyes and boundless energy and positive motivation.

I have my old girl back , wink wink,say no more. 
Top effort, carry on. 

The Sydney lot

Added 30/3/11

Hi, my family and I did the 3 days safari around Uluru, Olgas, King Canyon, from 18th to 20th Feb 2011 and I wanted to let you know that it was excellent from all perspectives. We greatly appreciated the kindness, the professionalism of our knowledgeable guide Chris.

Having the privilege to run the tour with a small group highly contributes to improve the quality of the Safari because everybody gets to know everybody and the group is moving/ taking decision easily.

Thank you and good continuation.


Added 24/3/11

My husband and I recently went on your 3 day tour from Alice Springs. Our tour was 17 Feb to 19 Feb. It was everything we expected and more. The 4WD was much more comfortable than expected, the food was excellent and even though it rained one night seemed like that was a fantastic part of the whole experience. We loved that we could sleep out by the fire(the second night) and saw the amazing site of the moon rising and the sun setting at the same time.

Josh was out tour guide and we were very impressed with his knowledge of the land, people and the history and respect of the aboriginal people. He made the walks(hikes) very enjoyable by explaining much of the plant and animal life and how it was and can be used for herbal cures. Although he was very adamant about not leaving or taking anything from the national parks. I think that is a very important part of the tour as it is trying to preserve what is there for future people to admire. 

We would recommend your company to anyone that asks, who wants the outdoor experience of the outback. I am sending a couple of pictures of our group picture taken in Kings Canyon and a couple of pictures of Josh explaining the way the features of the outback were formed. I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as we enjoyed poising and taking them.

I am sending the rest of the pictures in the next email as they are too big to fit into one email.

Thank you for the awesome experience!

Tammy and Stuart Pollock
Edmonton Canada

Added 9/3/11                                        

Hi There, 
I've been living in Australia for 3 years and this was my first visit to the Red Centre. My friend, Lee and I came in the heat of January- and what an experience. 
We were actually booked on a different tour, which was cancelled, so transferred to Way Out Back tour. HOW LUCKY WERE WE?!?! It was so brilliant and I think we will both be itching to do it again as soon as possible. Maybe in winter next time for a different feel. 
No one can deny that Uluru, the Ulgas and Kings Canyon are beautiful and that just being in the outback is an adventure that should not be missed.  BUT I think our trip was made that little bit extra special because of having the fantastic JOSH as our guide. 
He brings his own mixture of calmness, laughter, knowledge and enthusiasm! Of course you expect a tour guide to be friendly but in just 3 short days I felt like we had made a true friend. 
Josh, I think you have found your true calling. I hope you know that you are going to be in the memory of so many people- this is a trip that I think people will want to share and re-live for the rest of their lives. And part of that is down to you! I can't help but giggle at some of our crazy conversations. Especially I think that Lee enjoyed having some quality bloke time =] 
I felt like part of a team and a real asset to the group- thanks to Josh getting everyone involved (my fire building and knot tying skills are greatly improved!). You can feel his love for the country seeping through every pore. It's infectious and I can't wait to get back at some point. 
WayOutBack- thank you for such a wonderful time. I will recommend this to everyone. Although my only advice to people is to take very good walking shoes! 
From a very happy 
Milly and Lee 
(The BLISTER King and Queen) 
P.S I now live in Cairns. Josh if you find your self in this end of the country- you must come and say hi :-) 

Added 9/3/11

I thought I would drop you an email to give you feedback on our safari.

The trip was very good, covering as much of the area as seems possible in 3 days.  The organisation was slick; the facilities were good; the venues were good and it all worked well.

I would like especially to comment on Belinda, our tour guide.  She is an exceptionally competent woman, and a real asset to your organisation.  From first of the day at 5am till settling down in our swags at 10pm she was a cheerful, knowledgeable, helpful presence.  She was a delight to be with and didn't once show any sign of pressure from the task of shepherding 11 incompetent and naive tourists through a strange and alien environment, and routines with which we were unfamiliar.  I can't speak highly enough of her.

I will certainly recommend your tours to friends, but I will add "If you can, ask for Belinda as your guide."

With thanks and best wishes, 


Added 8/2/11

Hi all, 
My name is Hanna, Im from Holland. At the end of may, I travelled with your company togheter with my dad. We did the 3 day tour. 

I wanted to let you know that we had a fabulous time, every detail of our tour was arranged. We loved the fact that we were with only 4 people (sorry the business was slow for you, but it made our tour very special). We had time to see so many things and our tourguide was awesome!! Annabella did our tour, and she knew so many stories to tell, she made sure that everybody would have an amazing time. She stopped for me and my dad on the dirt road to collect some stones (because we werent allowed to take them from the parcs). This is a family tradition and she made sure we could keep it up! The food was good and the campingspots (especially the second one) were great! I loved the shower overthere... although i never forgive annabella not telling me that the water would be cold anyway.. ;-). 
If i ever come back to australia and want to do a tour around uluru, i will go with you again! 
Thanks for the amazing time, i'll never forget this trip!! Was one of the best that I did in Australia (and for my dad it was the best!). 
Give my love to Annabella (hope she still doing your tours, because she knows what people want to see and hear!) 

Added 21/11/10

We were on the 3 day Uluru/Olgas/Kings Canyon safari from 24 - 26th October with Belinda as our tour guide. I was very apprehensive camping out for the first time ever in my life, but need not have worried - I survived it with no spiders or snakes creeping into the swag! Although the first night was spent with 10 of us huddled under the canopy in our swags because of a thunderstorm, the second nite was perfect laying around the campfire looking up at the moon and stars - a truly wonderful experience!!! Belinda did a fantastic job keeping spirits high and people motivated when we were soaking wet to the skin whilst walking the Olgas!! (Must remember to take waterproof jacket next time!). Her cooking skills were excellent and she was extremely well organised and got us all up moving at 4.30am to see Uluru sunrise (which never did materialise due to cloud and rain!)

We were very lucky to have such a friendly and sociable group of 10 people - really enjoyed their company. The trip did not go without the odd hitches, having to dig the bus out of the sand, suspected oil leak and long journey back to Alice due to road closures, but Belinda coped with it all wonderfully and it all added to the experience - we can laugh about it now! Would recommend this trip to anyone, but would warn them that there are very early wake up calls and to take waterproof wear! Also need plenty of mosquito repellant.......


Dawn and Phill Adcock
Leicester, UK

Added 11/11/10

Dear Wayoutback friends,
Thanks for a very good time on our Wayoutback 3-day safari, October 22 through 24. We loved sleeping in swags under the full moun, we were wild for the excellent walking, and we laughed a lot over the flush toilet at Kings Creek Station! We were also grateful to take advantage of Ricky's special bush knowledge and Aboriginal stories from his personal perspective. Our group of nine, though quite diverse, clearly enjoyed each other's company--not always the case, as I know from earlier experiences with other kinds of trips. We felt very fortunate.
With all best wishes for your continued success,

Added 5/11/10

The whole tour was fantastic and Josh was a great guide. His knowlegde was quite unexpected from someone so young and every day I felt confident Josh would take us safely on our next adventure. His easy going nature and that cheeky glint in his eye had everyone interacting very happily in our group. Since arriving home, I have been singing your praise and recommending your company to anyone who will listen!

Keep up the good work!

Adele Heath 

Added 3/11/10

Hi Esther

Just wanted to say thank you to all at wayoutback for the fantastic

While I know how beautiful Australia is the tour provided a magical close up reminder. We covered a lot of ground, seemingly effortlessly, and got to
experience many places of dreaming.

A big thank you to Adam - his approach to life, to look for the positive;
his admiration of the land and its history and to share this with us; his
care and attention to our needs certainly made the tour the great experience it was.

And thank you for the reading material provided. Really appreciated! 

This trip was my pilgrimage to the centre and not surprisingly it also
became a pilgrimage to my centre.

Thank you

From a 5 Day Tour, added 27/10/10

I left my feedback form lying around somewhere so I thought I would just
email and say thanks for a fantastic trip. The knowledge and enthusiasm of
our guide, Seona really made the trip for me and her outgoing personality
turned a group of strangers into a group of friends, I know from experience
that this doesn't always happen so it's always a pleasure when things go
that well.

I especially enjoyed the element of participation in setting up camp and
cooking round the campfire. The bad weather made things uncomfortable at
times but I never felt that I wasn't having fun.

Thanks again,
Luke Palmer

Added 27/10/10

We have just finished our 5 day tour from Alice Springs and needed to thank Adam so much for a great time. Apart from it being a fascinating area, we were in awe of how you managed 15 very different individuals so well.......cooking, organization, making sure everyone was comfortable and being so friendly and helpful and patient. You are an absolute asset to any organization.

If you ever need accommodation here in Brisbane give us a call or email...keep our info.

Many Thanks.....Jenny and Ian Bullen

Added 8/10/10

Good morning

I'm writing to thank you all very much for the excellence of your tour and your extra assistance.

I was on the 5 day tour with Chris from 21 - 25 September. I also want to commend you on the planning and smooth running of the tour (I'm not the kind of traveller who goes on tours, but yours was exceptional).. It has all been extremely well thought out with the result that the whole experience was a very pleasant and fulfilling one, despite the tight timetable. I want to particularly record my appreciation of Chris as a guide and tour leader. He managed all his tasks in an easy-going yet totally professional manner, he was pleasant and attentive at all times. He was very good with me who, as an older person, was rather slow, but he didn't mollycoddle me, he just kept an attentive eye on all of us. I was very impressed with the range of his skills, and I think we all appreciated that he came to our farewell dinner. 

Again, thank you for a wonderful tour experience.

Yours sincerely
Vicki Brooke

Added 8/10/10

HI there,
I am writing to you now as I would like to give you some feedback about your wonderful SEONA. She is the best!!!!!
My husband and I had the best holiday that we have had for years (at least 10) Seona really made the 3 days a wonderful experience. From the moment she picked us up she was very genuine and well organised. She is very strong and quickly got everything done that needed to be done. The food was good and the accommodation at the kings Canyon cattle station was the best. I loved the outdoor shower.
Kind Regards

Judith Peterson

Added 8/10/10

Dear Esther
I have been very remiss in not taking the time to send this earlier. Our lives seem to have been very busy since we returned from our trip to Northern Territory at the beginning of August.
I just have to say how much we enjoyed our 3-day 4WD trip with Andrew leaving ASP on 22 July. It was most definitely the highlight of our two weeks in the NT. That is despite the fact that we already had an early start leaving Sydney and that was followed by three more very early starts on the trip outback.
Despite getting little sleep in our swags, we were warm and comfortable. Andrew did a superb job of feeding us. We were so impressed with his knowledge and sharing with us his passion for the outback was undeniably wonderful.
I would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone adventurous enough to want to experience the outback a little differently.
I am attaching some of my photos, which are now part of a beautiful photobook which I have produced since our return. I thought Andrew might like them for his collection.
Kind regards
Valerie and Ian Coupland
PS I hope Andrew was able to get off the ground and see Lake Eyre from the air with his In-laws. I also apologise if you receive this message twice (with different text). Something unusual happened while I was uploading the photos and the message was dumped).

Added 16/9/10

Photographic Safari with Grenville Turner

Wayoutback Tours, 

We have just returned home to Cairns, Queensland after doing your August 2010 Photographic Safari Tour with Grenville Turner and Adam and I would just like to tell the world that it was a fantastic tour and one we would recommend highly to all those interested in improving their camera skills. 

Grenville gently coerced us out of our "automatic camera mode" and by the time we reached the end of the tour we just wanted to start all over again to practice our new found skills. He managed all our varied levels of expertise and among other things religiously set up the generator every night to charge up our depleted camera batteries. 

Adam was an excellent guide and we were impressed with his driving, cooking and organizational skills. His patience was superb, especially when he had a bus full of photographers who always wanted that "special shot". Nothing was ever a problem to him and emergencies were handled with a dedicated amount of controlled calm. Spare tyres and bogged Italians were no exception. 

Thank you to everyone at Wayoutback Tours, 

Yvonne & Mike Rein

Added 15/9/10


I just felt compelled to write to you and tell you that my friend and I
had a *FANTASTIC* time on the 5-day Uluru tour! It was brilliant --
everything I had hoped for and more, and worth every single penny of
it! Andrew was our guide, and he was competent, capable, knowledgeable
and fun. We had a really good group of people too, we all seemed to
have a great time wherever we went.

Many thanks to Andrew for providing such a wonderful experience for us,
to Craig for providing excellent insight into the Aboriginal culture and
customs, and to Esther, who provided timely, professional help when
booking our reservations. I will definitely be advising people to use
the services of Wayoutback Desert Safaris! Keep up the good work!

Kind regards,
Tour date: 10 - 15 August 2010 

Added 13/9/10

I just completed the three day tour of Uluru, Kata Tjuta, and Kings Canyon. You operate an exceptional tour and a one of a kind experience. Like all the members of my tour group, I had an incredible time...despite the rain and a few wet swags. Actually, the rain added to the trip making for an experience that I won't soon forget. No doubt this was the highlight of an Australian adventure that had me in many of your beautiful country's most iconic settings and landmarks. The Red Centre is a special place and I'm glad I chose Wayoutback to take me there.

As a favour, could you please pass along the attached photo to Seona...it is from our group's hike at Kings Canyon on September 9, 2010. Thanks so much!

Tim Travis
Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA

Added 13/9/10

To the owner and manager of Wayoutback Tours:

My wife (Lynn) and I recently went on a 3 day outback tour (7 to 9 August 2010) that was hosted by Seona as our guide.

On this tour we had a mixed nationality group of families from France, Belgium, Austria and my wife and I from Australia.

The group was a mixture of adults and teenagers and because of the high standard of leadership, knowledge, organisation and enthusiasm shown by Seona all of us on the tour got on really well and had a really safe, informative and totally enjoyable time, that was complimented by plenty of good food and most enjoyable campsites.

Seona should also be complemented for her modesty and the low key, yet very effective way in which was able to get all members of the group to work cooperatively together, despite the group not having any previous interaction with each other. Seona has a real skill in this area and as a consequence the group had lots of fun with many pleasant memories.

Lynn and I really enjoyed our small group 3 day journey and have already recommended Wayoutback Tours to family and friends.


Peter Best - Brisbane Australia 

Added 27/8/10

To Whom It May Concern 

I have just arrived back in Melbourne after a fantastic experience with your company. 

The whole experience was a joy - well planned and well executed. Our tour guide Annabelle was fun and knowledgeable and did a fantastic job facilitating a very diverse group of people. I have visited all the sites with a different company  about 12 years ago and (although they haven't changed much!) I felt I gained a much better insight this time thanks to Annabelle's experience knowledge and obvious enthusiasm for the job. 

I would have no hesitation recommending your company to friends and family, both here and overseas.

Thanks you for a wonderful experience! 

Yours sincerely 
Ciara Chaomhanach

Added 27/8/10

Having now landed back in the UK I wanted to leave you some feedback on our recent trip with your Company.  For me, it was the highlight of our entire trip - it was marvellous from start to finish!  I was somewhat apprehensive about sleeping in a swag - but it was brilliant and the best couple of night's sleep that I had had in a long time.  The whole trip was fantastic although I now realise that I am significantly less fit than I thought I was after the walks at Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyon! 

Tony, our tour leader was brilliant.  His ability to produce such good food in a short space of time cooked over an open fire was very impressive as was his knowledge of the area, the plants and the wildlife - not to mention his ability to climb rocks in cowboy boots!  The campsites were marvellous especially the second night when we were on our own way out in the camel paddocks with just the stars for company. 

It was a pity that the rain which had made our outward trip interesting and eventful prevented us from returning in part on unmetalled roads, and that we were all too tired to get together for a last meal in town - but most of all, it was a pity that the trip had not been longer! 

Please pass on my thanks to Tony and tell him that after seeing a hoarding for the Advocate in Alice 'Stabbed for an Ipod' I am less enthusiastic about getting one myself - he will understand. 

Kind regards & many thanks 


Added 4/8/10

We recently took your 2.5 Day MacDonnell Ranges Tour, and we would like to thank you for making this the highlight of our trip.  Our guides, Shauna and Chris, made everyone feel welcome, comfortable, and a part of a team.  The accommodations, meals, knowledge gained, and the experience of camping out in the outback were outstanding!  We will highly recommend Wayoutback Tours to our friends and relatives!
Bill and Karen Warther

Added 21/7/10

Just to say a huge thank you to you all at Wayoutback, and especially our guide Chris, for a truly memorable trip back in April. The trip was very well organised, the truck comfortable and the whole experience was excellent value for money. It enabled us to get up close to the outback. 

Living outdoors as we did, collecting the wood for the fires from the outback, cooking over the camp fire and sleeping under the stars around the camp fire, was all fantastic. Chris was an expert guide and organised everything superbly well. As well as the amazing red rocks and the walks that we took around them, one of the experiences I will never forget was being woken up at 4.30am one morning by Chris playing Johnny Cash's 'Don't take your guns to town son' on the truck radio. I have never liked Johnny Cash but rushed out to buy the CD on my return to the UK as it was such an evocative experience. Everytime I hear that track (and I play it a lot) it takes me back to waking in my swag in the outback on one of the best trips of my life. 

John and Chris Carter, UK

Added 21/7/10


We too were on the 3 day swag tour from the 28th-30th June with Belinda and it was a great experience with a great group of people.

Belinda was a wonderful group leader, her cheerfulness and positive approach was especially helpful and supportive to us grey nomads; cooking up excellent meals on the fire, and producing the best damper bread tasted.

She certainly added to our outdoor experience and enjoyment of this wonderful part of Australia and we will certainly be recommending wayoutback tours to all over here in the UK.

Thanks for everything.
Best Wishes
Sue & Julia 

Added 16/7/10


My Daughter and I were on a 5 day tour starting 29th June with our guide Seona. We found the tour to be really informative and adventurous and the landscapes and scenery breathtaking. Seona did a fabulous job, negotiating tough terrain and keeping us all informed and on track. For my daughter it was the first time in central Australia and she had the time of her life. For me I had only done the typical tourist route so to get off track and into isolated areas was the highlight along with the time spent with Craig on his land. 

Congratulations on the great tours you run. You have a fantastic asset and gem there in Seona. 

Kind Regards 

Added 16/7/10


We recently enjoyed a 3 day swag tour on the 28th-30th June with Belinda. 
Fantastic time was had by all. The trip, the scenery, the food, the company and the guide were all marvellous. I can't sing Belinda's praises too highly - she is a joyous and truly wonderful human being. Engaging and giving - it would not have been the same without her. 

You have two very happy customers who are out there spruiking your business. 

Keep it up. 

Peter and Felicity 

warm regards 


Added 12/7/10

I recently went on the  3 Day Uluru - Red Centre 4WD Safari with Belinda. 18-20 June. Having not passed in a Survey form (misplaced) I thought I would email you instead.
Belinda did a simply marvellous job resulting in a very enjoyable trip, despite a mechanical issue with “Stinger” delaying the trip.

Belinda worked tirelessly, always smiling, very responsible, well organised, caring and just a lovely person, not to mention a great campfire cook.
I have been on many trips, I rate Di and Belinda amongst the best leaders I have encountered, and together they would be by far the best tour leaders/guides I have encountered.
Ed Herweynen

Added 24/6/10

Hi Folks, 

A big thankyou to your business and to Annabelle for a experience that words do not give justice to. Both Mardi and I were humbled by Annabelles knowledge of the environment. Craig's generosity and sharing of his culture was an experience that will stay with both of us for ever.

Once again thankyou for everything and we would be more than happy to refer you to other travellers. 

Regards David Orr.

Added 24/6/10

Hi there,

it's been more than a month now since I went on one of your 5-day-tours to the Red Center and all I wanna do is come back!!! I had the best time ever and the trip was more than I ever expected from it; I almost feel lucky that my trip from Adelaide to Alice got canceled so I had to look for other alternatives and found you. 

I miss the blue-blue sky (can't stop talking about it to my family and friends), the rock formations and landscape in general, I miss my swag sooo much, sleeping under the milky way and looking up to the Southern Cross, the fantastic (and exhausting) walks we did, the adventures and Chief Tony's amazing cooking skills (No idea how you can make such great food in just two pots in a fire...)! Oh, and thanks for carrying our cookies and muesli bars all the time! 

We all enjoyed the tour very much and I think none of our group wanted it to end. 

So all I can do now is look at my photos and wait for another well-paid job to come back - you don't have any positions available at the moment by any chance? ;-)

Please continue your great work, we'll definitely see each other again!

Cheers and THANKS,

Julia Nolte

Added 27/5/10

Hi there!

How’s life downunder?

I joined an unforgettable 3 day Uluru tour with Wayoutback last December. We really had a great time all together. It was probably the most impressing tour I’ve ever done in my life. Specially the experience to sleep under the stars in a swag was great. Although we never knew what kind of animal will be visiting us during the night :-)  I’ve never seen such a clear sky before! Just fantastic. You won’t see it in Europe that way.

But that’s not the only reason I’m writing you. I just wanted to ask if it is possible to buy two of your original used swags and, if so, how much they would cost including the shipping to Europe (Switzerland). They are thought as a present for a very special person I met in Australia just once and only for a short moment and found her again in Switzerland – almost by accident … ;-)

Last but not least: Say hello to our tour guide from that time, Shane Craswell.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

All the best from Switzerland 

Added 11/5/10

I wanted to send in a personal note to say what an incredible experience I had on the five day trip two weeks ago.  It was hands down one of the best times of my life.  I usually stay away from tour companies.  However in these small groups you are able to form a bond with people.  It creates an intimacy of a friend taking you to their favorite spots.  You could truly enjoy your surroundings instead of fighting hoards for a space on the trail.  This, you stated is what you strive for and you definitely deliver!  In this day and age of fast pace and big business, it was a breath of fresh air to tour with you.  I have truly had the experience of a lifetime and I thank you for your wonderful vision.  

I think it also has to be said that Josh is a fantastic guide.  His enthusiasm for his job is off the charts and you can't help but be drawn into it.  Even when our vehicle died on the first night, I never once had a worry.  He quickly and confidently executed a plan and we were on our way.  For me it just added that much more excitement to the whole trip.  Everything could have all gone wrong and I would still think it was an awesome time because Josh is so capable and positive in the face of adversity.  Some may say that's being naive, but I feel it's a true testament to how great he is at what he does. 


Kari Erlmann

Added 29/4/10

We wanted you to know how much we enjoyed the 5 day Red Centre Tour we did with you on April 1st.

The tour met all our expectations. Our guide Josh did an excellent job. He is so enthusiastic and really enjoys what he does. Josh really made our outback experience very special. We have wonderful memories of a fantastic holiday to keep forever.

We will definitely recommend Wayoutback to others.

Say Hi to Josh

David and Michelle Ryan
Shepparton Victoria 

Added 25/4/10

We recently had a wonderful three day trip with Chris. He is a fanatastic tour guide and we would really like to commend him. I have a fantastic photo of him, where can I send it please. I think he will like it, was taken at Kings Canyon.

Allie Clare

Added 25/4/10

Hallo Wayoutback,

Wanted to thank your team for a wonderful holiday.  Having returned home to Geelong last night I find the vivid colours, changing landscapes and incredible rock formations of Central Australia continue to dazzle my minds eye.   The privileged experience of time spent with Craig from Oak Valley Community lingers and haunts me.  His ability to share with such understanding insights into his world and that of his people with humour and truth across so many cultures is profound.  He has begun a dialogue in my mind of many questions and reflections.... I wish I was closer to continue the conversation.....  

For me, the experience of the ancient landscape and the varied histories enfolded within have left their marks.  I am left with a strong desire to return to this area.

Thank you to Wayoutback for providing the opportunity to access this part of the world with so much cheerful charm, local knowledge and professionalism.

Particular thanks to Tony and Seona ( our guides ) and Leah at base who assisted so creatively when our plans became tangled.

(I know this is the same for my daughter Maddie and son Jack.) 

Best wishes to all.

Vonnie Steel.

Added 13/4/10

I went on the 3 day tour (Uluru, Olgas and Kings Canyon) a few weeks ago and I just want to say that out of my entire 3 week trip they were the best 3 days – it was absolutely awesome. Our tour guide was Josh and he definitely made my parents first trip to Oz very enjoyable, they still cannot stop talking about Kings Canyon.
We had a small group (6 people), and even though we were all of different ages and background we all got on really well and the atmosphere amongst the group was very relaxed and everyone got involved. All credit to Josh for making it such an awesome trip, despite the weather.
Josh wanted some of the photos we took of Uluru whilst walking around the perimeter – is there a contact e-mail for him so I can send him some pics, once I’ve sorted through them all?
Thanks again. I will definitely be recommending Wayoutback to my mates!
Dawn Milkins

Added 9/4/10


I just want to say thank you so much for the five day trip with your company. I really enjoyed the whole time. My tour guides were Adam and Brad and the guys are absolut awesome. We(my group and I)had much fun with them. The whole trip was just awesome. I hadn't exspect that is would be so cool.

Adam and Brad teach us so much about the plans and the landscape told us all they know about the Kata Tjuta and the Uluru and the Kings Canyon etc. Who knew that Uluru and the Kata Tjuta are connected. It was just amazing. The Oak Valley Aboriginal Community was great. I know now a lot more about the Aborigines Culutur than before. Craig told us so much about his family and his traditions about his culture and was not shy to answer our questions. After duing the walk with Craig we were eating a kangaroo tail was amazing. Who would think that kangaroo tast so good. But that is not the only thing I loved about this trip. Sleeping in a swag under the stars is soo good it felt like being home, sitting around the campfire talking about every topic we could thought of telling new friends your storys, becoming good friends for live time. The meals were just awesime Adam is a fantastic cook.(I miss Adams meals) I miss also playing with Brad and Adam and the others Rugby. Even I suck at it, but at least we had fun. The one of the best parts were teasing Brad and get teased back *smile* like you mate. I felt the whole time like we are a kind of family. We could talk to them about everything. Adam and Brad are a dream team, really. I really miss the guys. 

Please say hello to them. I will come back as soon as possible.

Yours Tini

Added 15/2/10

Hi Stephanie,

I just wanted to drop a quick note to thank you guys for such a great trip. Lauren, Andrea and I just finished the 3 day outback tour with Tony.  It was everything we wanted and more.  We were very scared about sleeping in swags and worried about snakes etc but were very confident when we met Tony that we would be safe.  The whole tour was very adventurous and informative and Tony was a typical outback kind of guy who was very keen to adapt to whatever we wanted to do and our needs.

I do have to write however as I know there were 3 people on the trip that were not happy and they told us that they were going to put in a complaint that Tony was "no tour guide".  They totally ruined the atmosphere of the trip and did not stop complaining and insinuating things were being done for the wrong reason.  They are even going to complain to the Australian Motor Vehicle government body responsible for vehicles on the road as they felt the vehicle we were in was unsafe and illegal.  I did try to explain  to them that they were incorrect but had to give up after a while and we just decided they were not worth speaking to as they were always right on every issue.  The man even grabbed the steering wheel when Tony was driving as he was not happy with his driving ability.  I think these three people (Sally, Win & Emma) would complain about any tour they went on that they could not completely have control of.  (they did keep talking about how well travelled they were).  I think it was their way or no way.  I could go on and on about the grief they caused us and Tony but there is no point.

I basically wanted you to know that we had a great time, Tony was a fantastic guide and we are thinking about doing it again and this time booking it with only our friends/family to come along with us.  We think that would be fantastic. We would certainly use Wayoutback tours again and if Tony hasn't given up after the stress from those people would want him to be our guide.

Cheers and thanks from
Sandra, Lauren & Andrea

Added 3/2/10

Editors Note: While we try our hardest, obviously we cannot please everyone all of the time which is a shame but with regards to vehicles and their safety, this is something we take great pride in and these people couldn't be more wrong.

Please check out our vehicles and equipment page on http://www.wayoutback.com.au/Tours/Tour-Information.aspx 

Hi Don

Thank you SO MUCH for organising the famil for Caroline Mortier. She got back last night absolutely glowing, buzzing with happiness. She loved the trip. Kept raving all evening about how much better it was doing Wayoutback than any other tour because they could sleep under the stars, get away from the other tourists. And she was disappointed that she wasnt continuing on to do the 5 day trip because clearly that was the way to go. So well done to you - and congratulations to your staff for putting on a good one ! And again, thank you for your help.

The new product manager for Oz at Australie Autrement is the utterly fabulous Celine Moreno (I have to say that - I've cc'd her into this email) so if you want to discuss what possibilities there are for Wayoutback, you should chat to her. I believe Celine will be at ATE but then so will everyone.

You and your girls should come around again soon. Doesnt Jaz want to feed the kangaroos again ??

Warmest wishes

Deb Rock
Australie Autrement 

Added 3/2/10

Dear Wayoutback team, In December I was on the 5-day Uluru-Red Centre Tour guided by Paul. I cannot express well enough my great apreciation of what you do and how you do it!!! I absolutely loved every minute of the tour and especially our professional guide Paul. He loves what he does and he is good at it!! The Oak valley part of the tour was certainly one of the highlights of it!!! And Craig is wonderfull in passing the massages we could easily pass by ..He is to me a bridge between the two cultures and that role of his gives hope for the future of a troubled relatioship... Thank you for a wonderful experience Paul and the whole Wayoutbeak team! 

Veronika from Slovenia 

Added 3/2/10

Dear Don,

I wish to thank you for providing the opportunity for myself to go on a Territory Discoveries FAMIL accompanying your 5 Day Wayoutback tour, on the 15th September. Our guide was Paul; he is truly an asset to your company. He was, at all times, highly professional, engaging and informative. It’s fantastic to see someone so passionate about their job being able to pass their knowledge onto others.

The tour itself was an amazing experience. The Oak Valley component certainly gives you a competitive edge over many of the other tour companies. Craig, as operator of Oak Valley Homestead, gave one of the most insightful viewpoints of the merging of Indigenous and European cultures that I have ever heard. The intimacy of your group tours is also a highlight, as it allows for great bonding. Whilst the use of swags limits your market somewhat to those with a camping mind-set, this experience also adds authenticity to the whole journey. For some people on our tour, their biggest highlight was being able to sleep under a star-lit sky on a nightly basis. 

As far as meeting dietary requirements, this was also handled exceptionally well, with little hardship met to cater for those who were lactose intolerant or vegetarian.

Once again, sincere thanks for the opportunity to experience your tour. Clients appreciate the fact that we, as sales consultants, have participated ourselves, as it means we know the answers to specific questions, and are better able to sell your product!

A rave and review about your tour will also be featuring on our Territory Discoveries website in approximately a week, if you would also like to view it. The address is www.territorydiscoveries.com

Kind regards,

Rebecca Orman
Territory Discoveries

Added 3/2/10

Just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I enjoyed my three-day trip into the outback with Wayoutback in December 14-16, and in particular our guide for the trip. The highlight of my trip to Australia. Just looking through my images and amazed at what we packed in in three days, without ever feeling being rushed. Our guide, Steve, was most informative of the geology and in particular the indigenous people and their culture. Memories I'll carry with me for ever - thanks again for a wonderful time and I've already recommended your company to everyone who'll listen to me. 

All the best to the whole team - Jim Davidson

Added 17/1/10

To the Manager,

Dear Sir/Madam ,

my wife and i have just returned from a 5 week trip to Australia.We visited the Daintree Rain Forest and saw crocodiles ,we snorkeled at the Great Barrier Reef and walked in the Blue Mountains as well as taking a tour around the Sydney Opera House . All of these experiences were wonderful but the high spot of the trip was undoubtedly our 5 day trip with Wayout Back.

Every aspect was well dealt with from the first time we were booking on line and had the friendliest of email correspondence with Esther,backed up by a telephone call with another of your female staff who's name we have forgotten but who was immensely reassuring and encouraging when we rather anxiously were checking out various issues the day before we left.

The whole trip was designed very thoughtfully allowing everyone to gradually get used to the increasing challenges we experienced as the trip progressed;

as for Steve he was quite simply the tops.His specific and general knowledge about a range of subjects from the history of the area,to the fauna and flora ,the culture of the Aboriginal communities,cooking and just about everything else we asked him was extremely impressive.The range of ages and personalities on our trip were managed skilfully and he achieved that difficult balance between setting rules which were needed for reasons of safety and allowing people to more or less have the freedom to do their own thing.

We definitely had the experience of a lifetime and remembering looking at the stars when lieing in our swags ,or cooking over the campfire or walking in Kings canyon or seeing Uluru at dusk all have helped to keep the memories alive.

thank you from us both to all the people responsible for making the trip such a memorable one

best wishes to all for a Happy Christmas and New Year

Pippa and Rob Hutchinson CBE 

Added 22/12/09

We have just returned to the UK after a 10 week trip to OZ, New Zealand and other far flung places. We just wanted to expand on the rather hurried feedback form we filled in for you. (I hate filling in forms). Our 5 day safari with Steve as guide was a really fantastic experience. The scenery was unreal, camping under the stars with no light pollution was magic. It was so good to be camping away from other groups. We learnt so much about the area, history, geology, flora, ecology and the culture from Steve and from Craig. Steve did an amazing job of keeping a largish group on track, driving for hours, leading walks, organising camps and meals and answering unending questions. His stamina was extraordinary. We will certainly recommend Wayoutback to anyone we meet who is planning to go to Uluru. 

Dinah and David Reed

Added 20/11/09

Dear Wayoutback tours

We just returned from a 3 day tour with tour guide 'steve' on the 6/11/09. My uncle phil had booked us on a "suprise trip", he lives and works in alice and thought Me my mother and my sister would love the experience. Just wanted to let you know we had an absolute ball, steve was a fantastic guide and very knowledgeable. He made our experience wonderful and his sense of humour was refreshing.... i couldnt stop bragging to everyone back home on the gold coast. I have promised my 14yr old daughter a trip with you guys when she is another year older, and hopefully steve will still be around to guide us? Please pass on our thanks and gratitude to steve for making it such a memorable time for us all!!! Absolutely loved it . 

Cheers Kylie Rayner
Gold Coast QLD

Added 17/11/09


I went on the 3-day Uluru-Red Centre Tour on Friday 23 October with our tour leader Mike, and I just wanted to say thank you and that I have come away with many great memories and moments. The tour met my expectations and the people that were a part of the tour were fantastic - I couldn't have asked for a better gang! I wish I could do it all again. Many thanks to you and to Mike. 

Stacey Z

Added 6/11/09

Dear Wayoutback,

Shona, Norman and I did the five day tour last week, and wanted to write to say much we enjoyed every minute of it. 

From the initial phone calls to departure time, Esther was very helpful, and managed to squeeze us in when at first there appeared to be no availability - thanks Esther!

Our tour guide Tom was excellent, handling difficult situations very calmly and professionally (both with difficult group members, rain, punctures, and with other problems we encountered in the five days). His handling of the camp logistics, driving, and interaction with most of the group was excellent. On learning his young age on return to Alice, we were amazed that he had carried the group for the whole duration, and helped make our trip so memorable. With a few small adjustments to his approach per feedback forms (with regard to non English speaking customers, and morning itinerary discussions) he will become a truly excellent guide.

The camping, swags, campfires, campsites, food, and vehicle were all first class. The scenery amongst the best I have seen in the world. The values described on the website were evident throughout. 

Being back at work feels an entirely alien experience now, I wish we could have stayed 'wayoutback' for much longer!

Thanks again, 

Peter Farley, Shona Dunlop and Norman MacDonald

Added 25/10/09

Hi Stephanie,

I just wanted to drop a quick note to thank you guys for such a great trip. 

Lauren, Andrea and I just finished the 3 day outback tour with Tony. It was everything we wanted and more. We were very scared about sleeping in swags and worried about snakes etc but were very confident when we met Tony that we would be safe. The whole tour was very adventurous and informative and Tony was a typical outback kind of guy who was very keen to adapt to whatever we wanted to do and our needs.

I basically wanted you to know that we had a great time, Tony was a fantastic guide and we are thinking about doing it again and this time booking it with only our friends/family to come along with us. We think that would be fantastic. We would certainly use Wayoutback tours again and if Tony hasn't given up after the stress from those people would want him to be our guide.

Cheers and thanks from
Sandra, Lauren & Andrea

Added 25/10/09

From a Territory Discoveries Travel Consultant who went on a 5 Day Safari famil

Dear Don,

I wish to thank you for providing the opportunity for myself to go on a Territory Discoveries FAMIL accompanying your 5 Day Wayoutback tour, on the 15th September. Our guide was Paul; he is truly an asset to your company. He was, at all times, highly professional, engaging and informative. It’s fantastic to see someone so passionate about their job being able to pass their knowledge onto others.

The tour itself was an amazing experience. The Oak Valley component certainly gives you a competitive edge over many of the other tour companies. Craig, as operator of Oak Valley Homestead, gave one of the most insightful viewpoints of the merging of Indigenous and European cultures that I have ever heard. The intimacy of your group tours is also a highlight, as it allows for great bonding. 

Whilst the use of swags limits your market somewhat to those with a camping mind-set, this experience also adds authenticity to the whole journey. For some people on our tour, their biggest highlight was being able to sleep under a star-lit sky on a nightly basis. 

As far as meeting dietary requirements, this was also handled exceptionally well, with little hardship met to cater for those who were lactose intolerant or vegetarian.

Once again, sincere thanks for the opportunity to experience your tour. Clients appreciate the fact that we, as sales consultants, have participated ourselves, as it means we know the answers to specific questions, and are better able to sell your product!

A rave and review about your tour will also be featuring on our Territory Discoveries website in approximately a week, if you would also like to view it. The address is www.territorydiscoveries.com

Kind regards,

Rebecca Orman
Holiday Consultant

Added 1/10/09

Comments from a postcard sent to the office from a 5 day tour. 

To Brad – Tour guide extraordinaire!!!
Thanks for the wonderful few days. A very memorable experience. Jo

Mate that was way too short. You awoke the passion again, so thanks and all the best. Jaryd

Thanks a lot for the fantastic time. Deano

Brad, The itinerary on the website looked pretty good, but you made it even better. All time available was packed with quality action and your personality was the icing on the cake. Thanks so much for an awesome tour. Jaryd and Bruce

Brad, What can I say but Boolya! A trip to remember along with the great people we met along the way not least of which was our informative, helpful and entertaining tour guide. Thanks Hugh

Dear Brad
Wow! From the first moment we met we knew that this was going to be a truely fantastic time away.
Thank you for being you and for being so absolutely fantastic with our boys who think you are just awesome! You shall certainly be remembered for a long time to come and can’t wait to get back here again soon. Thank you so very much for everything. Bruce, Mel, Brendan and Aaron xxoo

Dear Brad, 
Thank you for scooping me up so effortlessly into your wonderful trip. You have bought the NT alive for me and given me so much more than expected. Thank you Ive loved it. You excel at what you do. Take care. Louise

Added 24/9/09

Dear Esther,

We could not leave Alice without letting you know how much we LOVED our Safari. Rhen was awesome. He knitted our group together Quickly-took us on amazing walks always checking on indivdual progress and provided great meals. We had some "challenging Individuals" but he handled all of us very professionally. Great experience[we learned to love the shovel and toilet paper]- will write a positive letter to Trip Advisor when we get home.Please forward this lettrer on to the powers that be. 

Lloyd and Marilynn Farnand

Added 10/9/09

Dear Phil,

thank you for your mail. Sorry for not having answered such a long time, but we just returned to Germany from our research travels...

The Red Centre safari with Wayoutback was awesome - we really enjoyed it very very very much and it will stay in our minds for a looooooooong period of time!
We took loads of pictures and notes to be able to show and tell our customers about it - and hopefully send you heaps of guests!

Brad was such a fantastic guide, so responsible, enthusiastic, helpful, always in great mood and a good laugh - just loved the time spent together!
Should you have such a thing like "employee of the year" or something... he is definitely your man!!!

Kind regards

Magdalena and Thomas

Magdalena Wassink
RESunica - travel your brand!
Novalisweg 6
22303 Hamburg

Added 7/9/09


I went on one of your 3-day tours a week or so ago, and just wanted to let you know that I had a brilliant time, and the whole experience was one of the best I have had in Australia, if not the best! (And I have been on a LOT of tours!) Our Tour guide (Steve) was fantastic, and knew so much about the area. And the second campsite at King's Creek was just amazing! Thanks again, I'll be telling everyone at home about Wayoutback. 

Anna Gibson

Added 1/9/09


We recently went with you on a trip to Uluru, 1-3 Aug, with Brad. 

We have now returned to the UK after a great trip to Australia.

We wanted to e-mail you to say thanks to you guys for such a fantastic trip to Uluru. It truely is a wonderful place. Especially thanks to Brad who made the whole trip great fun as well as really interesting. His knowledge of everything from local cultures to the area and plantlife was excellent and matched by the way he passed that knowledge on. He made sure our kids were involved with the group and kept them interested and informed about a completely different way of life to that which they are used to - which was one of the reasons we wanted to visit Australia. I know there will also be a backroom staff who organise everything for him and ensure the logistics is sorted, so thanks to those guys too.

We shall be telling all our friends and family all about you guys and what a great time we had! We hope we'll see you again at some time in the future!

With Best Wishes,
Phil & Abby Gordge

Added 23/8/09

Hi have just returned from a 5 day outback tour and what a brill time I had. Paul was great with all his local knowledge and he had a great sense of humour, his cooking was pretty good too. The scenery was breathtaking there was so much to see. It was too difficult to pick a favourite. Although not a lover of camping it was well worth the experience and I am now considering more camping trips. My husband Garth and daughter Sam also share these views and said what a brill time they had it was a trip of a lifetime. 

Thank you

Added 13/8/09


I have a question regarding the tour paintings shown on the website - I'm very much hoping that it's possible to purchuse a copy of the 3 day tour painting? I took your tour back in 2003 an it was one of the most amazing experiences in my life and I've been missing something other than photoes to remember it by, something that really does it justice as well - a then I saw this incredible painting, and I can't imagine anything better!

Hope to receive positive news and much obliged.

Kind regards
Charlotte Asferg
Added 30/7/09 

Hello All

Just back from your 5 day Wayoutback Tour. What an amazing experience, who would want to travel overseas when we have such amazing scenery on our own shores. Thank you Paul for being such a great driver, guide, singer and for looking after us “old girls” so well. Our game of “pick up sticks” each afternoon for the camp fire was so much fun. It bought back childhood memories when we light the “donkey” for your hot water, it was great to sleep under the stars in our swags and get up to the “billy” boiling on the camp fire. Our trip to Oak Valley community was so enlightening Craig had so much knowledge and information to pass on to us it’s such a pity we couldn’t have stayed longer. I would recommend the trip to anyone who wants to experience our outback. Well done Wayoutback and once again thank you so much Paul for the wonderful experience we had, you made the trip work so well. 

Viv and Sue

Added 29/7/09 

Delivered to Wayoutback Desert Safaris Via the totaltravel.com.au website

Franz and I recently completed a 5 day safari with Wayoutback. We would like to express our deepest thanks to all of you for a really wonderful experience. We found you on line and when we booked we hoped so much that the trip would meet our expectations - small group, professional, informative and as much as possible off the beaten track away from the tourist centres. Wayoutback went far beyond these expectations and delivered a really incredible adventure. But our biggest thanks has got to go to our superb guide Steve, he was just the best right from the word go. Amazingly informed, interesting, a great sense of humour, utterly professional and who worked so very hard to make sure that we were not only safe at all times but that our bush experience was the best that it could be. Thank you Steve thank you Wayoutback. We plan a trip to Darwin and Kakadu national Park and we wish you had an operation there we would be booking now and we would request Steve as our guide. 

Take care and all the best 
Franz and Mary Sturmeir

German & Austrian Tourism Representatives

It was a great experience to camp outside under the stars and drive through this stunning country side. We had 2 great guides who gave us enough information about Australia and who made us laugh very often. I'm happy, thankyou for the great trip guys, Great. - Christine, TUI Resisecenter Neulacker

Everything was perfect organised. - Denise, ADAC

Everything was absolutely Great! - Christine, Der Reisecenter TUI Gmblt

It was perfect. I have never seen such a lot beautiful things in short time - I'll never forget. In my opinion the tour was perfect. Phil is the best camping cook in the world! - Barbara, Reiseburo Idealtours Gmblt

I have never seen so beautiful things in my life before! It was perfect I would change nothing. -Astrid, Reiseboro Bunte Urlaubswelt

Best Tour Ever!!! All Perfect thanks to Phil & Danny. - Jens, Reiseboro Foerster Gmblt

Everything was Great, Perfect Organised, I enjoyed the trip, it was a great adventure. For me the tour with Phil was great, he explained so much - Really Good. - Carolin, First Reiseburo Binder

For me it was very important to see the outback. And I must say it was a great experience to camp outside the stars, to see the wildlife and the beautiful nature. We had 2 great guides and they gave us enough information. Unforgettable, Thankyou for the nice trip, guys - It was Great. - Sylvia, Reise-Insel

Everything was beautiful & very interesting. - Heike, First Reiseburo

A Great experience, a lot of fun with Guides Phil & Danny. - Marco, TOP Travel Agency

Couldn't do any better. - Melanie, Reiseburo Prima Sol Gmblt

Amazing - get you back to nature, absolutely well organised - couldn't do any better. - Susanne, Kladow Reisen

Many Thanks to Phil & Dan. A great & unforgettable experience. Dan & Phil made an excellent job!! The knowledge from Phil in geology, botany & aboriginal history is great. Their kind, friendly & helpful way gave us a good start in our Outback adventure - Absolutely Great. - Martina, Holidayland Reiseburo Sieker

ALL PERFECT - the best tour I have ever made. - Eva, Reiseburo Brandt

Hi Folks,

I am back in Woodend (Victoria) and it is all over already.  Wow!  I had a ball,and will be back again for sure. The tour Leader we had was Paul and he did a damn fine job of managing such a eclectic group. I was initially nervous about getting stuck with a bunch of folks that just did not get on. There was no chance for that to happen 'cos Paul just had the measure of each Customer and Managed us all real easy like so no one got out of sorts in any way. I would like to compliment  the Organisation on a brilliant product. I did not expect a whole lot out of just two days, how wrong I was.
Working backwards, Paul was just the best advertisement you guys could have. We finished with a get together on Saturday night in town, that said ( to me)  that the Product was a personal package in just about the most effective way possible - exceptional PR - congratulations!
Two days packed with cameos, just enough time to take in all but the finest detail of each destination, much, much more than I expected - again congratulations.
Camp, swags, food, organisation and vehicle - excellent!
Driving, vehicle management, planning and time keeping  ( schedule) - excellent!
Finally, Oak Valley with Craig as guide, and his presentation - simply stunning, I walked away from there gobsmacked, speechless....in awe.  So much information so well presented he too is a Gem for your Company, and is a credit to Himself and his People.  Please be sure and have Paul pass this on for me , when next he is visiting with Craig.
So for now cheers and thanks.

Added 20/7/09

I just wanted to let you know that we had a fantastic time on our wayoutback safari.
The experience was more than we had expected and definitely the way to go!  Seeing huge busloads of tourists pulling up and rushing from site to site reminded us how lucky we were to be with wayoutback in a smaller more intimate group.  Our guide Paul was fantastic with everyone (my daughter is a huge fan) and very informative, the meals were delicious and the daily hikes were well paced.  We particularly loved Kings Canyon Creek and could have stayed at your campsite there for 2 nights!
I have recommended your company to several of my friends and colleagues.  Expect to see more business from Altour and me in the future!
Thanks again for making such an excellent product available!
Sheba Posnansky

Added 5/6/09 

My husband and I returned two weeks ago from a 3-week trip to Australia. We had many amazing experiences in diverse parts of your lovely country, but our favorite part of the trip (and we both agree) was the Wayoutback 3-day Uluru tour. Steve, our guide, was really the best part of the trip - but that is saying a lot, because we fell in love with lying in a swag and looking up at the millions of stars in the Southern Hemisphere, participating in campfire cooking and even firewood gathering. I was a novice camper, but Steve made it easy to feel comfortable and part of the group. His people skills were surpassed only by his knowledge of the ecology of the territory. (And his cooking wasn't bad either!) I felt a little more connected to the Outback after learning about Aboriginal life and traditions, ancient geological history and numerous details about the plants, animals and critters, some indigenous, and some imported. Uluru, Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyon would have been beautiful on their own, but visiting them with this Wayoutback tour was the experience of a lifetime! I recommend this to young and not-quite-so-young (like me), to veteran backpackers and adventurous novices with a desire to see and to learn. Awesome! 

Sheila and Randall, U.S.A.

Added 27/5/09

Hi lia,

thoroughly enjoyed the trip with you and peter was a wonderful, driver, tour guide and cook. i'm a convert now and loved camping so much i want to do from alice to darwin now. i picked up a lot of tour books from the tourist information centre in alice while i was there but just wondered if you knew of any that you could recommend.

thanks again for the best holiday ever,

kind regards,

Added 18/5/09

Hi Guys

Hope you are all still working hard and having a great time.

We would like to thank Wayoutback and our uberguide Paul for a fantastic time over Easter.  He was encouraging without being pushy and very supportive in our walking (we didn't always keep up).

I have attached a couple of photos, Anna did a handstand at Kings Canyon, which you may like to put on your website or whatever.  Also a nice shot of Paul.

Thanks again guys and we are sorry we couldn't do the 5 day trip, would have been fantastic and we could or should I say should have spent more time in Alice.  Never mind, we have left a few things to come back for next time.

Thanks again,

Laima and Bruce Gascoigne

Added 12/5/09

Dear Wayoutback,

My partner Carl and I recently completed the 5 day 4 Wheel drive tour which started for us at Uluru and finished at Alice Springs. We wanted to say a big thanks for an excellent experience.

Initially we were a little daunted by the prospect of traveling with 14 other people as we are keener on small groups. However we were pleasantly surprised by the amazing sites we visited and the surprisingly comfortable swags and campsites with flushing toilets! 

The initial reticence of being in a larger group and feeling somewhat 'touristy' was certainly made up for in the last 3 days once the group had downsized to 7. We really felt that we got off the beaten track and truly had an outback experience especially at Oak Valley (our personal favourite) and beside the River Finke. A note of huge gratitude to Craig at Oak Valley for sharing some of his amazing culture with us, an experience everyone should have. 

We'd also like to specifically note that our tour guide Paul was excellent in all ways. Not only did he manage the larger group well (a feat for anyone!), he did so with enthusiasm and humour and backed this up with great local knowledge and rather good cooking skills! It was a huge bonus being shown around by someone who truly loves his job, please say a personal thanks from us.

Carl and I have already recommended your tours to a few friends as we hope that this experience will stay with them as long as we know it will with us.

Kind Regards,

Angela Wheeler & Carl Stanfield
Lane Cove, Sydney


We have recently returned from Alice Springs and a 3 day safari with Wayoutback. We had a fantastic time and wanted to let you know that the tour met all our expectations and more. 

The actual tour, the hikes and the sites were amazing and we loved the experience of sleeping under the stars in swags.  The food was amazing too...thanks to the excellent skills of our guide Pete. 

Speaking of Pete we also wanted to say that we were all VERY impressed with our tour guide, driver, chef and all round 'great guy'.  He really made the trip for us and really looked after us all.   Nothing was ever a problem and he never stopped working until we were all tucked up in our swags. His knowledge of the areas we visited was great and he was always willing for a chat and to answer our many questions.  He really is an asset to your fantastic tours.  We can not speak highly enough of his professionalism and the manner in which he guided the tour....Thank you!! 

In the decision making and research for what tour to do we were also very impressed with the Wayoutback staff we dealt with via emails and over the phone.  Your tours are certainly not the cheapest and price was not the only factor for us.  You delivered what you said you would and we want to say "Thank you" to you all for the amazing outback tour we experienced with Wayoutback. 

Thanks for a great job well done and keep up the great work. 

With best wishes 

Fiona & Steven Barnaby

Hi Wayoutback!

My boyfriend Rory and I went on one of the 5-day tours starting Tuesday of last week and I just wanted to send an email to let you know what an amazing trip it was.

Our tour guide Adam was simply outstanding and made the tour a trip to remember. It was all the little unplanned things that made it such an experience (lasooing an escaped camel on a dirt track, digging the truck out after getting bogged in the sand, a few blown tyres etc!). Everyone on the trip thought Adam was amazing -he was even happy to answer all the personal questions the kids posed including was his mother upset that he has dreadlocks!

It was my first camping experience (yes we jumped in the deep end!) but we are already looking at similar 4WD tours in the Kimberleys and in Cape York for next year.

I am back at work this morning - utterly depressed! I am missing all the new friends we met on our trip as well as Adam's Reggae music! Many of us are going to stay in touch after the trip and we all agreed that we would be recommending Wayoutback to everyone we know.

Thank you so much again for such a wonderful experience.

Donna Mullins

Hi Karen, Nice to hear from you. You want to know how the tour went: it was simply fantastic and really a pity that the 5 day tour wasn't available on both dates. Everything was very well organised - we haven't been pushed as it is always the case with other tours - everything was clean everywhere.

Vicky was our tour guide - she was first class. Her explanations were great and also how she handled the different people and nationalities was amazing.

Remarkable with Wayoutback was the first campground behind the cattle station in the nowhere and there were still shower and toilet - I was not prepared to that - expected a showel as I have already experienced with other tours.

Especially good was the small group - we were 14 people but I think this also should be the maximum for such a tour.

The tour in Darwin: I want to do what you suggested to me - I trust you implicitly.

Julia (translated from German).


Way Out Back Testimonials

'I just would like to say thank you again for this amazing 5-day tour! I stayed 13 weeks in Australia and visited some spots but the Outback and your tour were the best of my stay! ... 

Cheers, Oliver and the other "4 crazy Germans"!'


'I just got home from the 3 Day Uluru Tour with Lindsey as our guide and I just have to say what a great time I had. The small group (only 7) was great and we've had so much fun. And being in a 4WD enhanced the whole experience of the outback extremely! I have made so many new experiences in only 3 days that I will never forget! Sleeping under the brilliant stars, having a bush shower and going for a ride on a quad - what an awesome trip! In the end-of-tour-questionaire I really didn't give Lindsey enough credit. His knowledge about the area's history and geology were just amazing. He's very passionate about the Aboriginal culture and that helped us understand these people better! He took very good care of us and we couldn't have wished for a better person to bring us closer to the Red Centre. To all you guys at Wayoutback: don't change anything and keep going. Thanks for the best trip of my life (so far at least)! I will definitely be back.'

'I just wanted to thank you all very much for a totally awesome trip that we just finished. My best friend Sam and I came on a 3 day safari with Todd as our guide. Not quite knowing what to expect we were both really pleased we didn't encounter too many snakes or spiders ... just flies, more flies, heat and more heat!! Todd was a great guide, which really made the difference to our trip - we were just sorry we buggered off with the ipods and didn't stay for the extra 2 nights. Sydney seems huge in comparison, and being back at work sucks. But one consolation is that the surf is definitely up, the waves here are awesome at the moment. 

Thanks again for everything ... Tash & Sam.'

'Hi Phil I had an amazing time on one of your tours. Mind you I thought I would die on the charge up the Olgas one afternoon. I think they must have slowed down after that, Carolyn was amazing. Not many people could be tour adviser, cook, driver, naturalist, aboriginal adviser all at once. Thanks for a great tour, I'm recommending it to everyone. 

Regards Nella.'

'I took the 3 Day Safari with Lindsey 13-15 March. Fantastic stuff! Thank you for taking such good care of the group, and for employing a guide with skill, humor, and generosity. He's fun, professional, and has strong sensibility and respect for the environment, Aboriginals, wildlife, and guests. This was the first organized tour I've ever done, and it was a screaming success. 

Thanks again! Sincerely, Bob (Seattle, USA).'

'My name is Jo Jo and I recently went on two of your Wayoutback Desert Safaris, the 2 day tour of West MacDonnell Ranges and the 3 Day tour of Uluru, Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyon. I just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic experience, as it was my first time in Central Australia, the Outback and Wayoutback Desert Safari made it a very genuinely memorable experience. I cannot imagine seeing this region of Australia in any other way than the Wayoutback Desert Safari, 4WD tours. Please pass on my thanks to our two tour guides, Disco Dave and Jason. Their sound knowledge, of the area, geology, history and Aboriginal Culture made a real difference to our tours, for me this has been a holiday and a learning experience. Most importantly your tours took us away from the majority of ‘terrorists’ that swamp some of these attractions. I have recommended your company to everyone interested in visiting the Central Australia, especially to many Australians who have never been.'

'My three days with wayoutback (from Dec 3, with Matt as our guide) was the best travel experience of my life among all other places, camps, or tours. Unlike other tours, every moment of activity, including the 4WD drive, the view and texture of air from the windows, talking and getting to know each other, Matt's 'kawaii' character, the music, preparing and having meals, the view of/from the camp sites, sitting around the campfire, sleeping under the stars in swags in addition to visiting the most known tourist places was all just fascinating. We also had pleasant encounterings with wild camels, small lizards, and a small sand spout(tornado?) at the Ernest Giles Road, which was one of my favorite part of the tour. I had never seen such red land continuing as long as I can see to the horizon where it meets the blue sky, and running the unsealed red road making a cloud of dust with no other cars or artifacts in sight was really fun and amazing. I still keep imagining the images, texture of air, all that I have felt with all my senses, not wanting to forget a piece. I really appreciated the tour and felt very lucky to be able to be a part of the trip. So, just to let you know ... Thank you so much. I would love to visit again some day.'

'... We thank those at Wayoutback Desert Safaris, in particular, our tour guide Jason, for the fantastic experience of Central Australia that the three of us had. Now back in wintery and dull Victoria, we can indeed appreciate the wonderful colours and amazing culture that we experienced on our three-day tour. We certainly had a memorable holiday and it was due in no small part to Jason's enthusiasm, knowledge, and sensitivity to the needs of all participants on our tour. We would certainly recommend Wayoutback Desert Safaris and hope, at some future date, to join one of your five day tours - particularly if Jason was the tour guide! 

With best wishes, Colleen, Lauren and Joel.'

'I was just researching a possible (if improbable) return trip to Australia and was pleased to find you now have a site up and running. You've probably already got plenty of recommendations but I thought I'd add one more. My brother and I went on one of your tours in May '98 (your 21st I think) and it is still one of our abiding memories from our year in Australia. In fact in a year when I did many amazing things this was the best, along with diving on the Great Barrier Reef. Even being woken at an ungodly hour to watch the sunrise hitting Uluru was a magical moment. Special thanks to the boss/driver (Kiwi with a beard, sorry can't remember your name) whose knowledge, observation and excellence at finding campsites made this an extra special tour and even left me feeling sorry for the NTAT hordes. I'd thoroughly recommend this tour to anyone.'

'I have continued to bask in the wonder of the great adventure we enjoyed with you over the past week. I am sure it will be a highlight and long lasting memory of our time in Australia. Thank you for a great experience.'

'Kirsten from the SMH called to thank us all for helping her organise such a wonderful trip. In her words she said it was really 'refreshing' and the 'small group was awesome to travel with'. The guide was really knowledgeable and the itinerary was great. She's been telling everybody she knows about the trip and about YHA.'

'You asked us let you know how the 5-day Wayoutback tour was - well it was probably the best tour we've done in 6 months of travelling, narrowly ahead of the Wilderness 4WD Adventures trip, which was also great. The Wayoutback trip really was an outback bush experience and the off road driving was both good fun and good for camel and roo etc spotting.'

'It was the best tour I did so far in Australia. It was a great adventure and also relaxing at the same time. I saw a lot of beautiful spots, really great. We had a really good group and also a really good guide!'

'Best experience since coming to Australia. Wish it wasn't over. The guide conducted a more than perfect tour. Thankyou for the highlight of my travels!'

'Great tour. The guide is a great tour guide, lots of fun and easy to talk to. I felt really taken care of. He makes camping and the outback feel safe. He is very organized, smooth running. Thanks for the awesome food, info and great time.'

'I've never slept on the ground, but it was so beautiful, so many stars in the sky. I won't forget this experience. Thanks a lot.'

'Amazing - I loved every minute, especially the Kings Canyon walk and bush shower.'

'Fab tour - liked explanations of geology and walks at Kings Canyon and the Olgas.'

'Fantastic 3 day trip. I had a blast. Looking at other groups we saw along the way I am confident we had the best company and the best guide ... I will never forget this trip.'

'Fabulous 5 days, even the early starts - well worth it. At beginning, did seem like all tours were doing the same route, but we soon lost them at Kings Creek. This tour came highly recommended from someone we met in New Zealand ... It did not disappoint!'

'This tour was pretty funny and interesting. I was surprised about the guide's knowledge about everything. Therefore, I learned a lot. Thankyou so much, I will never forget this adventure.'

'I only regret not coming on a longer safari! Keep doing the alternative to the bus tours and I will hopefully be back!!'

'Everything about the trip was brilliant. Definitely one of the highlights of our trip to Australia.'

'Everything was great! The camping experience, the guide, the place we visited. Congratulations.'

'The best 3 days of my life.'

'Like the small group and being away from other big groups. Thankyou!'

'Many thanks to you and your team at Wayoutback for what was definitely the highlight of my trip around Oz ... I would have to give Wayoutback 10/10 - I've been on quite a few tours whilst in Australia and I often had the sense of being just another tourist wallet - something, thankfully, which Wayoutback managed to avoid completely. I'd recommend Wayoutback as a "must do" to anyone without a moments hesitation.'

'... in the myriad of tourist brochure promising to deliver the world ... and wait, there's more ... in a three day tour, I was drawn to the simple blue and orange of the Wayoutback brochure, It told me everything I was going to see without me even having to open the cover. I was not disappointed. There were endless blue skies, a hundred shades of red and all without a thousand other tourists sharing the view. Wayoutback provided the perfect desert escape to the wonders I wanted to see - not in 5 star luxury, but as part of the bush, the way they should be experienced. I enjoyed the journey as much as the destinations - and that's the sign of a good tour ... '

'We were on a trip to Kings Canyon, Uluru, and the Olgas with Tim as our guide from August 10th through the 12th. Not only was he tons of fun, but he was extraordinarily sensitive and knowledgeable about the aboriginal culture, and he understood and helped us understand the geology of the region. He Actually made the trip for us, especially our children, two girls 15 years and one boy 17. Our journey to the red center was a highlight of our trip - because Tim was a terrific guide.'

'Just wanted you to know how lucky you are.'

'I'm writing this email to express my thanks for the 3day safari tour I did with your company on 7th September 2002. This being my first visit to Central Australia and also the first time I've done a safari tour of this type, I have come away with many good memories and a sense of having learned something.'

'Uluru, Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyon were the main highlights of my trip, however, it was the entire experience of setting up camp each night under the stars along with the knowledge and experience that our guide 'Seamus' shared with us that really enhanced the whole tour. I believe my friend Leslie and I made the best choice when deciding which tour company to go with and there is nothing we would change about the whole trip.'

'Thanks especially to Seamus who was friendly, professional but most of all knowledgeable on everything from Aboriginal culture to botanical names for the many native plants and animals unique to the area. He is not only easy going, friendly and enthusiastic, he did well to manage a group of 13 people who were all very different from each other. The world needs more people like him - please pass on my thanks and gratitude.'

'Keep up the good work!'

'Just a quick note to saythank you for hosting a great 3 Day Safari. It lived up to my expectations and then some. I will definitley recommend to future generations of Poms and other travellers.'

'Just finished a Wayoutback Safari 3 day (August 2nd-4th) and absolutely LOVED it!!! I really want to commend Wayoutback on how well put together everything was and how exciting and incredible an experience it was!'

'I especially have nothing but brilliant comments for my tour guide, "Spooky" Luke. He was absolutely excellent and never was at a loss of words!! Also, the knowledge he had about the Outback and its ecosystem was quite deep and impressive!! I learned sooo much from his brief lectures on our bush walks!! He was a very unique and incredible tour guide!'

'This experience was amazing - something I will always treasure back in the States! I will tell everyone about Wayoutback - our guide was wonderful!'

'Best tour I did in Oz and will be one of my best memories of the year I spent here.'

'Great experience. Good size group and the fact our camp area was more private. Cheers.'

'Absolutely brilliant! Don't want to go back to Sydney.'

'As a foreigner wanting to get a bit of insight into Australia this completely exceeded all my expectations. Just the right platform for further trips into the outback.'

'Excellent trip - great variety of pace, fun and beauty.'

'The tour was great, especially the swag camping and cooking over the fire.'

'Tour was excellent. Keep doing what you're doing!'

'This was by far the best tour I've done since I've been in Oz.'

'Enjoyed the trip immensely. Phil was a fantastic guide who was extremely knowledgable and informative on everything from Aboriginal culture, to plant life and history of Australia. Enjoyed having a smaller group size as well.'

'Travel with small group is better to meet and have good feeling with other people.'

'Great experience and brilliant company. Would definitely do it again!'

'Had an excellent time - would definitely recommend the 5 day tour.'

'Loved the bush camps and walks. Excellent tour all round. Great tour to see the outback of Australia.'

'Excellent - enjoyed every minute.'

'It was great, unforgettable.'

'Perfect! Excellent! Best days of my journey in Australia!'

'Excellent trip! The pace was just right, the food the great. Our night in the bush was fabulous. The trip was light years beyond the 2 day trip I took a few years ago.'

'Excellent. The trip to do in Australia!'

'Enjoyed the 3 days so much. Great guide and group. Should have booked a 5 day!'

'Best trip in Australia.'

'Enjoyed tour. It was a more personal experience with smaller group size.'

'Fantastic trip. Memory maker!'

'Top time. Will recommend to anyone!'

'A once in a lifetime experience! The small groups are brilliant, along with the isolation of the 2nd night campsite.'

'Many thanks for a fantastic trip. Guide and group were perfect. Would do it all again.'

'I have had a fantastic time and have enjoyed every minute of it. The guided walks were wonderful. I love sleeping looking at the stars. Thank you.'

'Good to be in a small group to appreciate the wilderness.'

'Excellent trip. Good pace.'

'Had a thoroughly excellent time. The bush shower totally outdid many hostels I have stayed in ...'

'First class guide made the whole experience very memorable and great fun. Thanks.'

'I had a fantastic 3 days. It was really good travelling in a small group. I particularly enjoyed the 2nd night camping in an isolated place. Great trip.'

'Swags were comfortable - some of the best nights sleep I've had. James was very responsible and knowledgable.'

'Small group definitely better - good crowd, brilliant fun. First outback camping experience - thoroughly enjoyed.'

'Great place, great time, great guide. Thanks a million.'

'Great time, really chilled out. The food was brilliant, great experience.'

'Very good - did not feel like a "tour", more like a road trip with your mates, Great stuff.'

'Great fun, great people. Worth the money.'

'Keep going on this way! Thanks.'

'Loved the whole thing - especially when we got away from the crowds. Rich is a great multi-talented guide with an enthusism for all and everything.'

'Excellent throughout - especially like the smaller group size.'

'We've been on your tour from the 2nd till the 4th of August and we had the greatest time in Australia. You are the best organisation and we loved to see the real OUTBACK. It was so much fun. We want to thank our guide, Ian who was so friendly and funny all the time with us tourists. Thanks!!' - Seven students from Mainz in Germany.

'I couldn't have asked for a better central Oz experience. Thanks.'

'Such a good time!! May never do another type of holiday again!'

'It was fab - loved sleeping out under the stars next to the fire and being away from the hoardes of other tourists.'

'Good sized tour. Best way to see the centre.'

'The tour was the best tour I've been on since being in Australia (been here 8 months).'

'This was the most amazing and fascinating tour I have been on. Everything we did was absolutely awesome!'

'Really good tour. I liked the small group.'

'My suggestion is don't change anything.'

'The whole experience was very rewarding. It's difficult to offer any suggestions when so much is gained in such a short space of time.'

'Always felt we were one step ahead of the other tours. Never been so sure I chose the right tour.'

'It was absolutely excellent.'

'Change nothing - excellent!'

'An excellent trip, thanks for everything.'

'Top tour - enthusiasm of guide a strong factor. Could only be bettered by making tour longer.' (A comment from the 5 day tour)

'Opened my eyes to the real outback, not just the tourist destinations.'

'Trip was a great experience. Had a lot of fun, best way to see the outback.'