Toyota Troop Carriers - the New Camel of the Outback

We operate two Toyota Landcruiser Troopcarriers that carry a maximum of 9 passengers. The Troopcarriers are a tough all round 4WD, capable of tackling the roughest bush tracks Central Australia can offer. During our tours we usually have a full load of passengers towing a fully laden trailer which, during our off road excursions, end up driving through heavy sand crossing river beds or going over the top of sand dunes. All the vehicles are Turbo charged providing greater engine power and response during the off-road driving.

With the rough terrain and heavy loads we carry, the first thing we change when we purchase a new Troopcarrier is the suspension. The rear leaf springs get replaced with Australian manufactured steel springs that have a couple of extra springs added to beef them up, as well replacing the shock absorbers with a heavy duty variety. All our Landcruiser Troopcarriers come fitted with long range fuel tanks carrying 180 litres of diesel, front bull bars and Haymen Reece tow bars. All windows get a light window tint which assists the hard working air conditioner through our long hot Centralian summers.All our Troopies tow purpose built 4WD trailers. The same suspension fitted to our vehicles gets fitted to our trailers so that if we break something on one of our Safaris then we can replace the part by removing it from the trailer and fitting it to the vehicle. This includes Toyota hubs, bearings and leaf springs fitted to a heavy duty axle.