Mitsubishi Canter 4-Wheel Drives - the Ridgee Didge Machine

Our four 15 seat and one 17 seat, 4 litre Intercooled Turbo Mitsubishi Canters are purpose built with a pod that carries 12 and 14 passengers respectively with the driver and 2 passengers seated in the cab. They are fully air conditioned with reclining seats, footrests, luggage storage area and kitchen space complete with a 100 litre fridge. They can carry 210 litres of fuel, 120 litres of water and come with window tinting, bull bars, spot lights and are built for the bush!

New Innovation to our Canter Fleet Reducing GHG Emissions

In what is believed to be a Territory first, Wayoutback recently (April 2010) converted it's fleet of Canter Tour Trucks from pure diesel to a combined diesel/LPG system called eCo-shot. The system provides a more efficient burning of fuel, decreasing fuel consumption and reducing Green House Gas (GHG) emissions.

Wayoutback expects a reduction in its GHG emissions of 25%-30% upon fine-tuning the technology. The benefits include a cleaner and leaner truck fleet and reductions in our operational Carbon Footprint and those of our customers, a huge win for the environment. 

Click to see our page on being Carbon Neutral for more information.