Oak Valley Aboriginal Community

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An Inspirational Community

Situated on the Hugh River stock route 110km south of Alice Springs and 31km north of Titjitkala and Maryvale, Oak Valley is a locally owned and operated Aboriginal tour business and community. Run by the Le Rosignol family, this community boasts an olive plantation, Aboriginal rock carvings and paintings and an ancient fossil field, all set in remote pristine desert country.

A Taste of Aboriginal Life

You can experience locally made artifacts and paintings, get a demonstration into the art of boomerang and spear throwing or learn about local bush tucker and ancient mythological stories of their land. When available, we will cook a kangaroo the traditional way over a campfire which is delicious. The Aboriginal people of Oak Valley work and live on this land and have a profound understanding of it.

Oak Valley operates its own school of the air which you are invited to experience and for those long hot summer days, you can cool off by taking a dip in the pool.

You are invited to join Wayoutback Desert Safaris and share the unique Oak Valley experience with us on the tours listed on the TRIPS THAT GO HERE link above.