Uluru / Ayers Rock Tours


Tours of Uluru (Ayers Rock) bring you face to face with one of natures wonders. It stands 348 metres above the surrounding desert. 

An Uluru (Ayers Rock) tour is a breathtaking sight even for the most seasoned of travellers, taking on a stunning array of red and brown shades from dawn to dusk and sun to shade. It even transforms from the more familiar shades of red to grey during infrequent rain, with a myriad of small waterfalls cascading down its banded sides.

To Climb or Not to Climb

Local Anangu ask that people don't climb Uluru (Ayers Rock) as part of their tour, a request that is slowly getting more traction (excuse the pun) with signs at the base of the Rock and the more culturally aware tour operators informing their customers of Anangu sentiments. It's quite a long and initially very steep walk up which takes around 3 hours to complete. For those deciding to climb, they should take plenty of water and have good walking footwear on.

Here are all our Uluru Tours (Ayers Rock Tours) that visit this amazing natural wonder;