Meet Aboriginal Communities

Are you looking for a vacation that is going to stimulate your senses and re-connect your bond with nature? You have come to the right place! Our tours are renowned for our respect of nature. Our tours allow you to experience an authentic, raw and engaging landscape that is pure and untouched by modern civilization.

Rainbow Valley

Our Rainbow Valley and Oak Valley excursions provide a complete immersion into the lives and culture of our aboriginal brethren. These communities were kind enough to allow us to share their rituals and customs with you. Rainbow Valley is endowed with majestic natural beauty that envelops you in a sense of awe. The Rainbow Valley Ridge is breathtaking when the setting sun hits the multi-hued sandstone. Rainbow Valley is located 100km south of Alice Springs.

Oak Valley

Oak valley takes you to the southern fringe of the Great Victoria Desert. Oak Valley was established in 1985 as a community out station for the Anangu People. The Oak Valley community has around 80-100 full time residents at any given time. During your visit will be able to interact with the locals and learn about their storied culture.  The Oak Valley is a place of stunning beauty, from the brilliant red soil to native eucalypts, Oak Valley will not disappoint.

Come Explore

In addition we offer a variety of tour packages that include visits to Rainbow Valley or Oak Valley. Try our 3 day Cockatoo Red Dreaming Safari! This 3-day adventure offers a Red Centre experience featuring private and permanent campsites! If its a true Outback experience you are looking for try our 5 day 4WD Uluru Red Centre Kangaroo Dreaming Safari! This tour will take you through the rugged Outback were you get to camp at private bush camps, drive on bush tracks, discover rock carvings and interact with the local Aboriginal community!  We have tours to cater to every adventurer! 

What To Expect

As with any trek into the Outback proper precaution is a top priority. Please be sure to drink plenty of water and be in good physical health. The Outback can be punishing especially during the summer with temperatures reaching as high as 44 degrees Celsius! We also offer a multitude of sleeping arrangements depending on what tour package you have chosen. Our goal is to make sure your adventure is safe, fun and inspirational. Contact us today and lets us take you on an adventure of a lifetime!