Bush Camping in the Outback

People around the world across many different cultures love to camp, either in modern, amenity-packed campgrounds or in the back country, away from other people for a true experience of solitude in the wild. In some places this is called “wilderness camping”, while in others it’s known as “rustic”, “primitive” or “dispersed” camping.

In Australia it’s known as “bush camping” and the “bush” or “outback” refers to the remote inland regions of Australia where the hot, dry climate renders the soil infertile. Ninety percent of Australians live in the southeast and southwest coastal areas, where the climate ranges from temperate to tropical.

So what’s the difference between bush camping and campground camping? Basically, camping in a campground keeps you close to civilization: usually campsites are arranged close together, so you can hear what your neighbors are talking about or listening to on their battery-powered radios. In campgrounds with electric hookups you might hear TV sets broadcasting the evening news or kids playing computer games into the night. But is that really camping..??

Bush camping is a true outdoor encounter and the best way to experience the outback. You’ll likely be far away from any other campers, sleeping under a clear, starry night sky and enjoying meals cooked over the campfire. You’re on your own and you won’t hear anything but the sounds of nature around you and see a blanket of stars above you.

If you book a safari tour with Wayoutback and choose a Classic or Adventure style tour, you can enjoy bush camping in style and comfort, with all the necessities provided for you: swags (modern bed rolls), tents (if desired), sheets and pillows. Meals will be cooked for you over the camp fire with the best quality food.

Wayoutback also uses private bush camps with permanent tents, hot showers, toilets, beds and sleeping bags. There you will still have the option of camping and sleeping under the sensational star-filled southern night sky, a recipe for the memory of a life time, just you and the wild.

Of course, if camping is not your style, Wayoutback also offers safaris with four and five star hotel accommodations and specialty trips that utilize dorms and hostels.

It’s all up to you; contact us to find out more and book your once-in-a-lifetime trip.