Information on Artists

Emma Nungarayi Daniel

Emma Nungarati Daniel    Emma Nungarayi Daniel

Emma now lives in Alice Springs and has been painting at Ngurratjuta since it first opened in 2004. Over the past two years Emma's paintings have been gaining a lot of attention with her bold motifs and strong colours, indicative of the Papunya area. Emma is also the sister of renowned artist Paddy Carroll Tjungarrayi (deceased). 

Mavis Napitjinpa

Mavis Napitjinpa    Mavis Napitjinpa

Mavis was born at New Haven and is sister to Ronnie Tjampitjinpa and Smithy Zimmerman Tjampitjinpa. Her sisters Yuyuwa Nampitjinpa and Gina Nampitjinpa are from the same birth mother and father (Tjangala). Mavis now lives at Mt Liebig, painting at Ngurratjuta when she's in town and with the Mt Liebig Art Centre when she's out bush. Mavis paints 'Kallipinpa', water dreaming.

Water dreaming is about the rains and how the streams and creeks start flowing. The desert countryside then changes from the dusty red and pale yellow of the spinifex to shades of green with desert flowers starting to bloom.

Tilau Nungala

Tilau Nungala

Tilau was born at Haast's Bluff and lived there most of her early life. Her mother's country is Papunya, and her father's country is Mikantji. She moved to Papunya after she was married and that is where she first learnt to paint.

Tilau's painting themes often reflect body painting from women's ceremony and the
water dreaming from her father. Tilau and her five children live at Papunya, both her daughters Monica and Mavis Jugadai also paint. When out bush Tilau paints with the artists at Papunya Tjupi.

Emma, Tilau and Mavis are all ceremonial dancers; many of their artworks represent the body painting used during ceremonies.

Iris Taylor

Iris Taylor   Iris Taylor

(Travelling thru the country after the rains PAINTING)
Iris was born and went to school at Areyonga. She attended Yirrara College in Alice Springs when she was older. It was here she learnt about art through charcoal sketching and also landscape painting. After leaving school she returned to Areyonga where she began to paint on silk at the women's centre in Areyonga.

Iris now lives in Alice Springs where she paints beautiful acrylic artworks at the Ngurratjuta Art Centre.  She likes to paint landscapes in a naive style, her works drawing on her memories of childhood and her frequent bush trips.

Rene Cooper

Rene Cooper   Rene Cooper

Rene Cooper is a Pitjantjatjara and Luritja women born at Areyonga. Rene has been painting since 2003 and enjoys painting about collecting bush tucker including honey ants and other food found around her country. Rene learnt to paint by watching other members of her family painting.

Rosie Richardson

Rosie Richardson   Rosie Richardson

Rosie was born at Areyonga and has been painting for many years. She concentrates mainly on painting bush bananas, wild tomatoes and other bush tucker that she and her family have been collecting for generations. One dreaming Rosie tells of in her paintings is of the bush fire which is a distinct design showing how the land is marked with sweeping patterns the fire created.

Lenie Kngwarreye Namatjira (Lankin)

Lenie Kngwarreye Namatjira (Lankin)   Lenie Kngwarreye Namatjira (Lankin)

Lenie paints in the tradition of her grandfather Albert Namatjira and father Oscar. Her distinctive Hermannsburg style of watercolour landscapes are gaining a lot of attention. Lenie has been painting for many years, her work being exhibited in Melbourne, Sydney and Alice Springs.

Ivy Pareroultja

Ivy Pareroultja   Ivy Pareroultja

Ivy was born at Hermannsburg in 1952. Her father was Edwin Pareroultja one of the original water colour artists from Hermannsburg. Ivy moved to Alice Springs 10 years ago and paints her country, west of Alice Springs.

Marjorie Williams

Marjorie Williams   Marjorie Williams

Marjorie is a skilled silk painter who has spent a lot of time creating beautiful artworks at the Ntaria Women's centre in Hermannsburg before she moved to Alice Springs. On canvas Marjorie paints beautiful bush tucker scenes using a wide selection of bush fruit and vegetables, witchetty grubs and sugar ant.

Kevin Wirri

Kevin Wirri   Kevin Wirri

Kevin was born and raised at Haast's Bluff. He went to school in Papunya and Areyonga and worked at Haast's Bluff in his early adult years. In 1974 he married Doris Abbott and came to live in Alice Springs. He started working with the Tangentyere Council and in 1995 was elected to the Tangentyere Executive. He is a member of the 4 Corners Council, a group of traditional law men who make rules for Aboriginal people in the Central Australian region.

Kevin has been an artist all his life and has worked on several large art projects. One of these was the decoration of the store at Docker River where he designed and painted a mural. Kevin works mainly in water colours and depicts the Central Australian landscape and the West MacDonnell Ranges. Kevin's children and wife all paint, with his son Elton Wirri gaining a lot of attention for his water colours.

Pansy Napangardi

Pansy Napangardi   Pansy Napangardi

Pansy Napangardi was born at Haasts Bluff in the late 40's. She moved to Papunya in 1960 and observed many artists painting, in particular Johnny Warrangkula and Kaapa Tjampitjinpa. Pansy paints the Desert Raisin story, this dreaming belonging to her mother who is from Ilypili country.  The desert raisin 'kampuralpa' is a seed fruit from which the women make a dough. She also paints 'Kungka Kutjarra', which is the story of two women travelling and having ceremonies along their journey. 

Doris Thomas

Doris Thomas   Doris Thomas

Doris works in several disciplines including painting, fabric design, woodcarving and ceramics. Since painting with Ngurratjuta, Doris paints in a naive style of painting.