Hugh River Stock Route

The Hugh River Stock route is open and like many NT outback roads its not too bad in sections. It will get a good deal of traffic this weekend due to the Finke Desert Race. A lot of people take this route as a short cut who want to see some action a third wat down the track compared to the start or the finish. So I expect the track to be pretty chopped up and if we get some rain in the next few days its going to be even more. I drove this track earlier in the year (around April myself coming back from Chambers Pillar) and there were sections that were pretty eroded due to all the rain in January. Plenty of bull dust, although not uncommon up here. As for a track and thats what it is, its not overly maintained as its not a main road as such. The locals proberly go over it every few years by the looks of it. It hasnt changed much in the 2 and a half year ive driven it. Basicaly if the road is open, its ok to drive. But always remeber to drive to the conditions.