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Indulge Yourself in Australia's East Coast: 16 DAY HARBOUR TO REEF SAFARI (SYDNEY TO CAIRNS)

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Australia is known as a global destination for its natural beauty, lush landscapes, glimmering beaches, and adventure filled activities that will leave any visitor renewed and enriched. While there are endless options of exploration and travel that the continent offers, the East Coast of Australia presents itself as a true gem, where opportunities for one to delve in nature, culture, history, and exciting quests are abundant.

Catch Your First Wave and Learn to Surf

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Surfing is a world unto itself, so what better place for learning to surf than the secret, Spot X, located in Australia’s National Marine Park. These coastal waters north of Coffs Harbor and south of Byron Bay are filled with natural wonders. As you pick up your surfboard for the first time and paddle through the sparkling blue water, white spray off the crest of a wave hits you in the face and you feel the exhilaration of the surfing lifestyle.

So Much More than a Pretty Beach

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With endless things to do and see, a safari here will tick all the right boxes for a breathtaking vacation. From flora and fauna to evidence of our earliest ancient ancestors, this vacation destination has it all, no matter what you're looking for.