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Uluru (Ayers Rock): The Tip of the Iceberg

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Uluru (Ayers Rock) emerges steeply from the desert sand and smoothes off toward the peak in what seems a rather unlikely shape for such a large rock. It is an absolutely breathtaking sight even for the most seasoned of travellers, taking on a stunning array of red and brown shades from dawn to dusk and sun to shade. It even transforms from the more familiar shades of red to grey during infrequent rain, with a myriad of small waterfalls cascading down its banded sides.

Uluru: A Sacred Transcendent Site

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A description of Australia’s national landscapes calls The Red Centre “the physical and metaphysical center of the country”, rich in Aboriginal culture and breathtaking natural monuments. The area contains distinctive desert wildlife, including many rare species of mammals, birds and reptiles and is one of the most beautiful regions of the vast Australian outback. In addition to the dusty red roads and gigantic blocks of rock, the landscape has green vegetation and abundant waterholes.