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From Harbour to Reef in 16 days

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Australia is known as a global destination for its natural beauty, lush landscapes, glimmering beaches, and adventure filled activities that will leave any visitor renewed and enriched. While there are endless options of exploration and travel that the continent offers, the East Coast of Australia presents itself as a true gem, where opportunities for one to delve in nature, culture, history, and exciting quests are abundant. Feel the true essence of Australia through snorkeling, surfing, beachside camping, boomerang crafting, Koala caring, sailing, and so much more with an extraordinary 16 DAY HARBOUR TO REEF SAFARI (SYDNEY TO CAIRNS) package that will leave you enlightened and enthralled. The entire safari is led by reliable, talented guides to ensure the highest quality. Explore some of the incredible experiences available to you through the safari's eng agement in surrounding nature features, cultural experiences, and exciting activities. 

Nature Encounters

It is no surprise that Australia offers a bounty of gorgeous natural features through awe-inspiring mountainsides, beaches, and other amazing landscapes. The wildlife is booming and serves as a habitat to many unique species like dingoes, kangaroos, and koalas. Our safari captures a great deal of this natural essence. On day two of the adventure, you will gaze upon the World Heritage Blue Mountains along with the famous Three Sisters Rock Formation. The stunning feature will be sure to awe you. Day three presents the opportunity to visit Port Stephens where you will witness the glory of Australia's largest sand dune system. Port Stephens is also home to 80 resident dolphins that you will have a 99% chance of viewing on your Dolphin Cruise. Dolphins aren't the only species you will have the opportunity to glance at in the wild, platypus and dingo spottings are both part of the safari! One of the most exceptional natural encounters during the adventure is the visit to Rainbow Beach on day six. The "rainbow" dunes of the site are composed of 70 different colors of sand, and are sure to amaze! These inspirational experiences, along with many others along your journey, will leave you with lasting feelings of unity with the magnificent nature of Australia.

Historical and Cultural Experiences

Australia has a rich history and diverse culture that is a wonder to revel in. In just the first day of the trip, participants will see the Sydney Harbour Bridge and awe in the marvel of the popular Sydney Opera House. A visit to the hippie town of Byron Bay on day five will shed light on a fun, creative Australian vibe. Here, the opportunity to see the famous lighthouse is both fun and enriching. Visiting the state capital of Brisbane is a can't miss destination that will be explored on day six of the journey. Local artist Ze will lead participants in the construction and decoration of a boomerang, an Aboriginal hunting device; don't fret, you will learn how to throw them also! The Cattle Station experience will shed light on the lifestyle of the outback, filled will authentic activities such as whip training, goat rodeos, and the option to sleep in a swag (Aussie bedroll) under the stars. The safari offers these wonderful experiences in the history and culture of Australia and so many more!  

Enriching Activities

Some of the additional activities of the safari include exploring all that the Australian East Coast has to offer. Hand feed wild Dolphins at Tin Can Bay, challenge yourself with surf lessons at Coffs Coast, and sail on a catamaran through Sydney Harbour. Visiting the Koala Hospital is a highlight of the trip, where engaging with the mesmerizing creatures also makes a great charitable difference in research about diseases they face. Indulge in fantastic meals and drinks along the entire adventure from authentic Aussie BBQ, to breakfasts seated along the sea, and so much more. You will also have opportunities to add certain optional activities as you wish with the help of the trusted guides.

Our mission is to present our travelers with an experience of Australia that is uniquely unforgettable, capturing the diversity and beauty of such an extraordinary destination. Please contact us for more information on this safari, or other packages we offer. The full schedule of activities, travels, and experiences of this safari is available by clicking here.