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Tales from Wayoutback...

Experience Whales, Waves and Wildlife at Byron Bay

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Take off your shoes, step back in time to the days of hippies, love and peace signs and mingle with the locals who don dreadlocks and tie dyed shirts. Make sure to visit stores that sell incense and rainbow t-shirts embellished with peace signs. If you strike it lucky, you might even be able to experience a local festival or concert. The nightlife in Byron Bay offers a fun night of live music, dancing and dining.

Waves, Sand and Sun

Surfing is a local passion at Byron Bay. Rent a surfboard and wetsuit, take a few surfing lessons and you will be riding a wave in no time or just sit on the board and revel in the shoals of fish swimming beneath you in the crystal water. Sea kayaking is another exciting water sport at Byron Bay, as kayakers try to paddle out beyond the breaking waves without flipping over. When you’re back on dry land, spread a blanket on the soft, white sand and soak up some sun. Watch out for the coconuts strewn about.

The following are four of the most popular surfing beaches in Byron Bay. If you’re a beginner at surfing, you might want to try Byron Main, which is the most well known beach. It has a steady stream of smaller waves that break near the shore, so it is great for novice surfers. The smaller waves also make this beach ideal for swimming.  Just south of Byron Main is The Pass, which is rated as one of the top 15 surfing beaches in Australia. Longboard surfers enjoy the swells at The Pass, while snorkelers and whale watchers set out from here, as well. If you’re looking for a beach that is a bit more secluded, the Watego Beach is a good choice. This beach is a popular surfing beach with few swimmers. Another secluded beach is Tallow Beach. Not many tourists visit this beach and it is mostly a local hangout. From one end of Tallow Beach, you can see the lig hthouse and from the other side, beach goers get a view of Broken Head nature reserve.

Watching Whales and Wildlife

Join a whale and dolphin watching tours launching out of Byron Bay for a chance to see pods of majestic humpback whales, along with incredible Australian east coast scenery. Most whale watching vessels offer 360 degree viewing, so there’s never an obstructed view of these giant beauties.

Whales and dolphins are only two of the many Australian wonders that visitors to Byron Bay experience. When you take one of the wildlife tours, you can see Australia’s one-of-a-kind mammals, such as wallabies, flying fox, kangeroos and koalas. For bird watching enthusiasts, enjoy the sight and sounds of cockatoos, fairy wrens, kookaburras, pelicans, kingfishers and many more birds.

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