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Catch Your First Wave and Learn to Surf

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Surfing is a world unto itself, so what better place for learning to surf than the secret, Spot X, located in Australia’s National Marine Park. These coastal waters north of Coffs Harbor and south of Byron Bay are filled with natural wonders. As you pick up your surfboard for the first time and paddle through the sparkling blue water, white spray off the crest of a wave hits you in the face and you feel the exhilaration of the surfing lifestyle.

Our staff is totally devoted to the surfing lifestyle and their goal is to enrich your surfing experience. The instructors are bursting to share their surfing secrets with you and offer strategies for training your mind and body for the physical rigor of surfing. You can count on them to instruct you on choosing the ideal beginner waves, which are small and easy breaking for a safe ride toward shore. If you have any questions about surfing skills, don’t be shy, ask whatever comes to mind to help you develop your surfing technique.

After a full day of practicing your surfing skills and catching a few waves, you can relax by the nightly campfire or play a game of pool or volleyball with fellow surfers and rehash tales of sitting astride your surfboard and riding a spilling wave to shore. You can also count on some great food or cook your own feast to share with your surfing buddies.

Don’t worry about packing too many clothes for surfing camp. Spot X has a laudromat for your convenience but then again, you’ll spend most of your time in swim trunks or a bathing suit. Remember to send a video or photo home of your surfing expertise with the free internet access or post a few to Facebook to share with your friends back home.

If you want to experience the wonders of the Australian coastal waters and join the world of surfing, contact us at Wayoutback Australian Safaris. We can hook you up with the ideal Surfing Lesson vacation package.