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Tales from Wayoutback...

Adventures and Nature Await at Coffs Coast

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Solitary Islands Marine Park

If you book a trip to Coffs Coast, the Marine Park should be your first stop. Here, warm tropical waters from the north meet cooler southern currents, creating a perfect environment for over 550 species of fish, 90 types of corrals and 600 kinds of mollusks thrive.

Sprawling 75 km along the coast, the Solitary Islands Marine Park offers beaches, rocky shore, and sub-tidal reefs that make for a great experience whether you are looking to bathe in the sun or go on a diving expedition. And if you're looking to go off shore, whale watching and fishing expeditions are just what your looking for.

Exploring the Hinterland

But Coffs Coast is more than just waterfront entertainment. Dorrigo National Park, a World Heritage Site, offers lush vegetation along with living history. The native Gumbaynggirr have lived in the subtropical rainforest here for over 5,000 years, and many archaeological sites serve to educate visitors about their rich history.

Throughout the rain forest, you will experience stunning views of nature and rare animals. But our recommendation is Waterfall Way Drive, a tour leading past a plethora of waterfalls set in the middle of the rain forest that will make you believe in Paradise. 

For the Adventurous

What better way to discover Coffs Coast than from the air? Helicopter tours are available for those interested in adventures, as are solo and tandem jumps from 15,000 feet - the highest skydiving spot in Australia. If you prefer a ground view to get your adrenaline up, plenty of white water rafting through the rainforest and even surf rafting on the ocean shore should satisfy your lust for adventure.

In short, Coffs Coast offers some of the best vacation spots in Australia, located close enough to Sydney to make a short trip well worth us. Don't wait - contact us today to book your unforgettable vacation!