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What is the Australian Tourism Accreditation Program?

Tourism Accreditation is a form of quality assurance agreed to and operated by the tourism industry across Australia.

Accredited tourism businesses structure their business operations to maximise customer satisfaction and safety. They are dependable, environmentally aware and professional businesses that the program are proud to have in the Northern Territory.

As a visitor, what can I expect from accredited businesses?

You are entitled to expect:

  • Professional standards in customer service
  • Consistency and reliability in the delivery of service
  • Compliance with relevant business licences
  • Adherence to sound environmental practices
  • Attention to customer safety and comfort
  • Dedication to continuous improvement

Why is it important to me the Customer?

A business which meets the requirements of the Standard and gains accreditation status, signals to its customers and to the wider industry that it is committed to providing quality business standards, customer service and experience.

Why would a business undertake Accreditation?

  • We at Wayoutback Desert Safaris believe the answer to this is simple!
  • We believe one should always be mindful of self improvement
  • We believe that the customer should be provided with the ultimate in experience
  • We believe that safety and compliance to regulations should not be compromised
  • We believe that "Best Practice" is our benchmark
  • We believe that respect of that "given to us to enjoy" is paramount

Where can I learn more about the Accreditation Program?

For more information visit http://www.atap.net.au.