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What is GALTA?

A national network of tourism professionals dedicated to the welfare and satisfaction of all gay and lesbian travelers within and to Australia.

GALTA - Gay and Lesbian Tourism Australia Ltd., is a non-profit organisation operated by a team of elected and interested individuals who work with Federal, State and Regional tourism bodies, corporations, businesses and individuals to develop and grow the gay and lesbian market and increases their awareness of gay and lesbian travellers and their needs.

Why does GALTA exist?

GALTA recognises the needs of two distinct groups. One is the gay and lesbian traveller seeking quality tourism related services that provide a genuine interest in and welcomes them. The other is businesses that wish to make their product or service available to these travellers.

What does GALTA do?

GALTA represents members by forming close alliances with Local, State and National tourism bodies, assisting members in attracting a qualified niche market. Through website news items, symposiums/workshops, trade shows, fair days and regional networking functions/dinners.

Through the website and publications such as the TSD - Tourism Services Directory, GALTA provides members with a wide distribution and exposure to gay and lesbian travellers around Australia and overseas. GALTA also enjoys a successful close working relationship with IGLTA – International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association.

Where is GALTA?

GALTA members are located across Australia, from major capital cities to rural and coastal destinations. Members represent major hotels, resorts, small B n B's and other accommodation places, tourism organisations, restaurants, cafes, travel services, individuals and media, all of whom are dedicated to the professional development and growth of the gay and lesbian tourism market to from and within Australia.

When does GALTA work?

GALTA operates 365 days a year. It recognises the importance of gay and lesbian cultural festivals and pride events around the country and maintains a regular presence at these events. It also recognises the needs of lesbians and gays who travel all year round to capital cities and other destinations for both work or pleasure.

For more information visit the GALTA Website.